The $112 billion global lighting industry is constantly working to improve clarity, brightness and efficiency. In recent years, LED lighting has become a trend. The bulbs are energy efficient and can last as long as 20 years. The bulbs are costly, but for many homeowners, they are only a one-time purchase while living in that home. Halogen and HID lighting is also becoming a part of innovative lighting designs and are also energy efficient options.


Philips is a name that most households are familiar with. This brand is innovative in that it uses end-user reviews and customer commentary to find new ways to implement what consumers want into its lighting solutions. The goal of Philips is to deliver products that improve society's quality of life through effective lighting solutions.

Kim Lighting

Kim Lighting is known for being the highest-quality producing source of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting worldwide. The lighting along roadways and highways is likely created by Kim Lighting. Based in California, this industry leader is always working to develop lighting solutions that maximize energy efficiency while producing crisp, bright light. The key is balancing brightness with eye sensitivity for drivers along highways at night, which this global leader excels at.

Innovative Lighting

Innovative Lighting does just as its name suggests. This brand implements technology and creates dependable LED lighting solutions that retrofit both interior and exterior standard connections. A special optics technology is also used to create the American made and assembled lighting products.


Cree was named one of the most innovative companies in the world in 2015. Cree is an innovator in the lighting industry as it developed the first LED light bulb that costs consumers $10 or less each. This brand used its experience in the commercial lighting industry to develop products of equal caliber to residential consumers.

Baja Designs

Baja Designs is known as "The Scientists of Lighting". They are leaders in automotive and off-road vehicle lighting. The brand offers LED light bars, lights and HID lights for a variety of domestic vehicles and off-road options. The first breakthrough product for Baja Designs was a Dual Sport kit. It took non-street legal motorcycles and made them minimally street legal, in terms of appropriate lighting. The motorcycle racing industry relies on Baja's designs to keep racers safe and visible.


Grote is a family owned and operated brand. It has become a household name in automotive LED lighting technology. It was the first company to develop LED Marker Light, which took place in the 1990s. Grote takes its own innovations and improves on them, creating a stronger and more reliable consumer product.

Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries is the vision of former Major League Baseball player Jason Christiansen. Rigid is a world leader in LED lighting technology, especially in the LED light bar niche. A small company has grown to having multiple locations and distributes to 43 companies. Innovative ideas, engineers and trial/error has led Rigid to becoming a household name in off-road automotive lighting that reduce battery consumption, provide cleaner light and has modern designs.

DECO Lighting

DECO Lighting is the nation's leading green lighting technology manufacturer. It specializes in creating next-generation LED solutions to improve efficiency, enhance an immediate environment and improve light delivery quality. As an innovator in the lighting industry, DECO works to provide sustainable lighting and smart controls to help improve energy delivery efficiency within its products.


Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS), implements scientific engineering technologies to create lighting solutions for biological and horticultural industries. This brand creates LED lighting systems that help reduce stress in livestock to increase production. It also creates lighting for plants that enhances the growth process and increases yields. In terms of lighting for humans, this innovator in the lighting industry improves the overall health of the human body, allowing them to be more comfortable.

LSI Industries

LSI Industries is a leader in creating innovative crossover LED lighting. This company also creates innovative control panels for use with its lighting options. LSI takes the time to focus on heat-management in lighting as well. Their patented system uses an integrated intelligent thermal control to prevent overheating and increase the longevity of fixtures.

Closing Thoughts

Most modern light fixtures are made for LED, halogen and HID bulbs. It is difficult to find new, modern stock that takes old light bulbs that may be laying around the home. Innovations in the lighting industry will continue to reduce energy consumption and have more aesthetically pleasing designs. Some suggest that lighting may be evolving toward the use of fiber optics, acrylic and LED bulbs together to create sufficient light sources.