The fashion industry, with all its glitz and glamour is doing very well. This holds true for companies that cater to the elite and businesses that have clients who simply want to make a statement. Companies like ShoeDazzle ($66 million), Moda Operandi ($46 million) and Nasty Gal ($49 million) prove that there is a lot to gain if you are investing in the fashion industry. However, while these businesses are reaping the benefits from shift in trends, others are fighting hard to survive. Though other companies may also offer quality products, these companies have failed to adapt the changes in the industry and this is why their customers no longer keep them in their radar. What are these companies missing? Why, after much effort, are they still standing where they were 10-years ago?

The answer to this is simple, these fashion businesses aren't properly using social media and what it represents. If you are thinking, "But I do have an account on Facebook and Twitter which I update regularly," then I am sorry to say that that is not everything you have to do. Being in the fashion industry, you need to realize that your business is not just about posting pictures of your products. It's about sharing content that grabs the client's attention so they end up saying, "that's something that I really need to buy right away!".

The Internet today is all about quality content, and today we are going to tell you all about creating catchy content that breaks the barriers and lifts your business up to the top. So if you are a start-up company and want to revolutionize your brand so it is recognized amongst the toppers of the industry, here's what you need to do.

#1: Communication is Key

Someone walks into your store and instantly likes the dress on the mannequin, what do they do? Ask your salesperson to bring over a piece so they can try it on right? Well, if you want to make it big on social media, you need to bring this experience to them virtually. How do you do that? You post pictures and videos of your products while they are being worn by a model. Remember that there is a lot of difference between a picture of a dress on a hanger and one which is being worn. Take exceptionally good pictures and then combine them with a message that'll get the customer thinking. If your message and your picture click, you have a winner.

#2: Get Excited On Your About Us Page

When your goal is to sell behind the scene, you need to get excited. And this excitement should show on your social media account as well as your web page. One of the reasons why people are attracted to brands on social media is because they have something unique and sassy to say. So if you really want people to come running to you, show your enthusiasm and passion on your about us page.

#3: Obey The KISS Rule

The 'Keep It Simple Stupid' rule applies to businesses from all industries. If you want your customer to walk out with a full virtual shopping cart, you must ensure that they can enter, browse, shop and leave without having to think twice about where they need to go. Other than making navigation simpler, you also need to make it easy for the customer to find their size because this is a major concern for online shoppers. If you want to further impress them, integrate a tracking option with the order (79% online buyers want a tracking system) and you are sure to win.

#4: Always Stay True

Once your brand is showcased on the Internet, you should have nothing to hide. Displaying product reviews, both good and bad reflect the authenticity of your business. And if you want to be able to instill trust in your client's mind, you need to be as honest with them as possible. So instead of posting all glittery reviews, allow users to say a few bad things about your products as well. Moreover, remember that because social media is all about experience, you need to put up pictures of your customers as well. The pictures may not be as perfect as the ones with the model but these will be the ones which can connect with the client.

#5: Improvise On Your Customer Care Team

Around 45% of retailers want an online customer service chat. These stats show that no matter what your business, your website should always have an informed representative that can answer questions. However, things have changed, today, customers aren't just looking for answers but connections. So if you want to influence, you must improvise and create a team which consists of people who aren't just knowledgeable but who also understand the value of engaging the customer.

#6: Don't Overprice Your Product

One of the biggest mistake that could cost you a lot of customers is increasing the perceived value of the product you want to sell. You need to be careful not to inflate the value so much that it doesn't match the customer's experience when they first see it. 77% fashion shoppers say that price is one of the top three factors which they consider when buying. So if you want repeat orders and a lifetime customer, avoid inflating the value.

#7: Start Using Cookies Today

Cookies are the key to personalizing user experience. The fashion expert, David Harned of tells us why, "browser cookies help fashion businesses enrich their customers' browsing and shopping experience. It helps your website keep track of what the online shopper liked and showing similar products to him/her when they come in the next time. Hence, improving his overall experience."

In an ecommerce business, you can use website functionality cookies, analytics cookies, customer preference cookies and targeting cookies to know more about your customers and use it accordingly.

#8: Get Your Hands Busy with Blogging

Everyone on the Internet knows the importance of blogging. But most have no idea how they can use these blogs to drive traffic to their business. These bloggers don't blog; they sell their stuff by writing marketing content. However, if you want to stay true to your business and want to be seen as an expert, you must start fashion blogging. Talk about newest trends and what you think about them or reach out to big bloggers and learn blogging art from them.

#9: Focus on Quality Product Descriptions

As talked about earlier, introducing your product to the client is as important as showing it. So keep your product descriptions short yet informative. Be careful not to keep a lot of inventory because this will only make your descriptions look poorly crafted. If you have a big collection, hire more people to write about them because these will be key to making your products stand out.

#10: Keep Learning

The purpose of this article was to inform you about the current trends in social media and ecommerce websites. But things change quickly in the online world so you should ensure that you keep following the curve and learn. As you and your business moves with the trends, your company will grow even further.

Start today and don't miss out on a chance to make it big in the fashion world.