Mentorship is key for success in creating a great company. No one achieves great things without the help of others, and having people guide you from their experience is the best help you can get. With that said, most entrepreneurs think of mentors the same way. You look for experts in your industry. Most seek out advisers who can make connections for them or help them raise capital. While these mentors are all important, they aren't the only mentors you need.

To be successful in business as well as in life, you need more than your standard group of mentors. You need people who are going to help you in your personal life, and give you different opinions than you'd expect.

Here are two of those mentors that every entrepreneur should have. If you don't have these types of advisers in your corner, start recruiting quickly.

1. A Writing Mentor

In my opinion, every entrepreneur should take time to write. Putting your thoughts on paper will make you a better public speaker. It also will allow you to take time to think through your struggles and reflect. Every time I write an article, I usually learn something in trying to gather advice for my readers. It also is a great way for you to build your personal brand. You don't need to write for Inc. to be a writer. You can start small with your own blog and work your way up.

Having a mentor help you with your writing will go a long way for you both professionally and personally. For business, you'll start creating content that people will enjoy. Once that happens, you can build a following, which will help your personal brand. This is also where it helps to have a writing mentor. Mentors who are established writers can help drive traffic to your content by posting your pieces on social media. Once you build up enough followers, they can even make introductions for you to major news outlets so you can reach more people.

Another great part about having a writing mentor is that you can learn from his or her writing style. When I first began creating content, I would try and incorporate styles similar to those of my writing mentor, Ilya Pozin. Over time, this helped me develop my own style of writing, which led to the opportunity to write for major publications.

You don't need a mentor who is a writer in order for you to start a blog or create content. But having one will allow you to improve much more quickly, and you'll be able to build your own brand much faster.

2. A Health Mentor

Too many entrepreneurs destroy their health to achieve success for their startup, and it doesn't have to be that way. One of the best ways to start incorporating healthy habits into your life is with a health mentor.

For me, I started watching and getting advice from Mike Chang from Learning from Mike allowed me to know the importance of cooking meals in advance and getting adequate sleep. He even helped me develop a meal plan that I could follow.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is as much about environment as it is about willpower. It's much easier to incorporate healthy habits when you have someone coaching you through the steps. It's not that most of us are lazy or don't want to be healthy, it actually has a great deal to do with not having the right information. Once you can add a mentor to your life who will be able to guide you on the right path, getting in shape will become much easier.

Published on: Sep 28, 2014
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