Ryan Serhant has built an amazing brand fro himself. He's a reality tv star, and also has become part of the elite real estate sellers in New York. While his accomplishments have been more than stellar, Ryan hasn't always had the fame and fortune he has today. It's been built through struggle, hard work, and a little bit of charm. Below, I'll share 3 pieces of advice from Serhant about success. Hopefully these tips will help you build your own empire one day.

1) Stay humble

Serhant wasn't always the person he is today. In fact, he used to have to pass out flyers on the streets to get by. And while things are definitely different now, Serhant always keeps that image in mind. Remembering where you came from allows you to stay humble and remain leveled. It has been a huge reason why so many people like buying real estate from Serhant. Although he is now well known, he still holds his unique and genuine personality. Simple things like being true to yourself go leaps and bounds in closing deals.

Before real estate, Serhant had experience in college as an actor. He has a great personality, which I believe has been a big reason for his success in sales. Moving away from your natural charisma is a sure fire way for people to think you are not being genuine with them. Showing off who you are and not changing with success is huge for Serhant to stay on top of his game.

2) Stay hungry

Serhant shared with me that there are some days where he works himself to exhaustion. He'll stagger home, and literally have to crawl in bed. This is what it takes in the New York real estate world to be successful. You have to push yourself to the brink if you want to make it.

Staying hungry even when times are good is how Serhant has continually been able to improve his real estate empire. He's become known as the guy no one wants to compete with, and his sheer determination has been a huge reason why.

3) Stay honest

Of all the takeaways I got from Serhant, honesty was the one that stuck with me the most. In the world of real estate, many people will do unethical things to get a deal done. They don't think about what's best for their client, and will just try and get the best deal for themselves.

By not doing this, Serhant has been able to build a loyal number of customers who go to him through thick and thin. People have been more open to recommending him to friends, allowing his brand to build. Your reputation in business is everything. Doing things the right way is how you develop relationships that last a lifetime.