This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to a dinner party with many successful entrepreneurs. Many of these people were in the eight-figure range, coming from a wide variety of industries. I must admit I must a bit nervous before attending, but by the end I had made a great group of connections and also learned some life lessons.

The most interesting thing I took away from that night was the patterns I saw in the successful people I talked to. Even though these people came from different backgrounds, a few traits were seen in almost everybody. Below, I'll share these similarities with you. I hope these takeaways can help guide you to reach your own financial goals, as well as make the journey as fun as possible.

1. Almost every millionaire loves his or her job

When you typically ask people what they do, they first respond with their title than some complaints. Rolled eyes, drained energy, and frustration, usually take over their bodies. After talking to people at the dinner party, the response was completely different. People focused on the problem they were solving, not their title or their salary. Their eyes got that special glow that comes out when we become passionate about something. You could feel the energy through their bodies as they described their mission.

It's important to understand the correlation between loving our vocation and being successful. It seems that the people who do well in their careers love what they do, and the success comes as a buy-product. No doubt these millionaires work hard, but it makes it much easier to do so when you love what you do.

2. Their advice was more focused on networking than school

Before going to the dinner party, I expected all the millionaires I met to come from prestigious schools. I was amazed with the amount that went to subpar schools or didn't even go to college. More interesting were the people that said their network was more important than what they learned in school.

The number one piece of advice I received over and over again from the people I met was to learn golf. The deeper meaning of that advice is the importance of expanding your network to be successful. In fact, one of the most successful CEOs I talked to mentioned a friend of his who earned $40 million in salary every year. When asked how it made sense to pay someone that much, he said it all came down to the network. That guy gets $500 million dollar deals done using his network, so a $40 million dollar salary is well worth it.

3. They repeatedly mentioned the importance of honesty

Of all the traits I hear about being successful, honesty was the one that came up the most. Integrity seemed to be something that millionaires valued over every other trait. Being honest with employees, customers, and peers seems to be essential for doing well in business.

Many people think that to be successful you have to cheat the system, and be cut throat. The idea that we must lie to others and abuse the people who work for us to be successful is a ridiculous lie. What does seem essential for success is treating others with respect, having a reputation for being honest, and treating others with integrity.