Boosting online visibility has never been more important. Because of this, the number one job for companies online is building a unique brand and gaining credibility. No longer can companies create brands using old school tactics. In this smart era, the traditional form of branding doesn't work at all.

In today's world, brand building is important for online visibility. One man understood this concept very clearly by breaking through all the existing boring mindsets. His name is Sean Azari, CEO of a social media marketing agency Breakthrough Social. I came across Sean's work and was impressed by not only his branding but also the case studies he has.

Sean created a client's case study page. He increased their follower base and engagement from 5K to 200K in 8 months. Due to his exceptional social media marketing skills, more people came to know about his company. Sales tripled by handling the project of one client.

Apart from this, he currently owns 30 types of different channels on Instagram. Just look at the follower base on his three pages only: Lifestyle Guide (104k+ Followers) Millionaire Vision (~90k Followers) DoYouTinder (106k Followers).

Here are some of the strategies we talked about for marketing your online brand:

1. Build Awareness about the Product/Services

Even today, some companies don't want to move away from conventional marketing to digital marketing. Sean came up with the idea of converting these tough prospects into long-term clients. He put a stronger focus on marketing while his competition was more worried about the product.

Here's the secret behind his success:

Instead of showcasing his services, he was focused on revealing the value of those services. He laid out the content marketing plan to the business and helped it in executing strategies for all the digital platforms.

For your own business, start promoting the reason behind your product/services. If you are not getting the value of your product across to customers, it will be tough to break through the market.

To become a brand, focus on what special value you provide to your customers that other companies can't. From there, create a story about your company that you can share with customers that incorporates your unique value proposition.

3. Be Consistent in Your Approach

Every company has a brand value, but it's each company's choice on whether to improve and dictate it's brand image or to let everyone else decide for it. It takes time to build a brand. The whole process requires proper strategy and consistent implementation.

With 12 years experience in the digital marketing space, Sean and his team members have worked hard in helping brands to grow their social presence.

Before branding your business, ask yourself one question: "What is my business all about?". After getting the answer, don't deviate from the track. Otherwise, it will create a negative impact on your brand.

3. Use The Power of Case Studies

What's the first thing you do when you think about purchasing a product or service?

First, you'll ask your friends or relatives about the relevancy. Then, look up online reviews or some solid proof regarding the same product or service.

Today, sales representatives don't need to spend all their time talking about the features and benefits of their product they are selling. In today's world, customers want to understand the buying process backed by proven case studies. By showing live examples, you separate yourself from the tons of other slick salespeople.