Video monitoring is not always on top of your to-do list when setting up your office or home, but it is something you should take into account sooner than later. It could be a major headache if you want to add video monitoring to your premises after everything else falls into place, just imagine the hustle and bustle required when cabling and installing all the equipment, not to mention you may have to compromise the decoration that just cost you a fortune.

There are more and more cloud based video monitoring solutions now in the market, most of them will charge you for monthly subscription fees to save full video on the cloud. However, if recurring cost is something you like to avoid, a company I'd checkout is SpotCam, an emerging cloud camera brand providing free full time recording to its camera users, and this makes their system top performer in the cloud video monitoring arena.

We are lucky that cloud technology is getting into video monitoring industry too. Among other things, here are 3 major reasons why cloud technology in video monitoring is going to save you from lots of pains adding video monitoring system when you need it.

Less equipment required. Cloud technology takes away dedicated video recording server from your place, it saves video to the cloud server instead. This means less space required in your house of office for the video monitoring system, this could be a great help when you have everything organized tightly already. With a cloud based video monitoring system, all you need is a cloud camera, and if it is Wi-Fi based then you don't even need wiring for network.

Easier installation. If you're setting up your office or home and adding video monitoring system by yourself, cloud based solution is definitely the better choice for you. With less equipment required, it means less effort to install and to wire all the cables between devices to make it work. For the same reason, now it is getting easier and easier for people to install your own video monitoring system with the help of cloud based video monitoring solutions, which is critical for small office or business and budgetary household.

Easier installation means not only physical installation, it also means a lot when it comes to system configuration and setup. One of the reasons to have a video monitoring system is to check in on what's happening while you're away, and to do so with traditional CCTV system you need a certain level of networking knowledge to setup everything so you can access your camera video remotely. Luckily with cloud based solution it is taken care of by the manufacturer and all you need to do is give the cloud camera internet connection then you're ready to go.

Video footage secured even camera stolen. Since the video recording is saved to the cloud instead of local video storage servers, it means you always get to review the recorded footage of an event even your monitoring cameras were removed by the burglar. This is a major advantage of cloud based system again traditional CCTV systems, which lose everything if burglar takes away the video recording server.