The question of if we can improve creativity is a hot topic for many. One of the initial problems is how you define creativity. Is it being able to solve a complex problem using logic? Or is it more based on abstract theories and about questions we'll never know the answer to. Some argue painters or movie producers are the most creative people. With that said, the same argument could be made that scientists are the most prolific thinking. There is no one profession that can be proven to be the most creative.

But no matter how you define what creativity is, it seems like there are certain patterns in the people who have it. It's interesting that most creative solutions are not random thoughts that just pop in our head. Instead they are actually the result of previous experiences. So based on that idea, by changing what we do we can improve our creative thought process. To do this, I've found 3 simple ways that are easy to adopt. Start making these small changes today and watch how much your creativity improves.

1. Find Enjoyment In Solitude

With smartphones today, it is rare that we are ever alone on purpose. When we need a break from our work or friends, we still always bring our phones with us. And while it is not human companionship, having a smartphone makes it so you can always connect with somebody. Though not the same, things like push notifications and text can be like talking to someone face to face.

To boost your creativity, find time to be completely alone. We're so wired with technology that we never take time to do this, and in fact many people are scared to be by themselves. Reason being, when we are alone it is easier to put negative thoughts in our head. Through constant companionship, we can ignore those negative feelings and live in the moment. But many times creativity comes from taking time to be in solitude and reflect. Not only that, but it also gives you time to check in and see how you're doing.

When you are completely by yourself, you'll begin asking yourself questions you never thought of. These thoughts lead to theories to answer those questions, allowing you to take on problems you never knew existed.

2. Never Stop Yourself Because of Self Doubt

Some people say we should try as many things as possible so we can live life to the fullest. That statement can be interpreted in many ways, and at times causes people to do pretty stupid things. When you ignore the voice in your head that tells you not to do something, it can cause some dumb mistakes. Instead, focus on why you are hesitant to try something knew.

There are many reasons that are helpful to not try something, but self-doubt is not one of them. Next time you want to skip that blind date or not try that free week of yoga, ask yourself why that is. If the main reason is because you're worried what others will think, you need to force yourself to see it through. Don't hold back because you're self-conscious, otherwise you'll never get the most out of life.

It is in these experiences that creative thinking can improve. When we open ourselves up to new challenges, we practice being able to solve problems we are beginners at. The greatest minds of all time were also among the most confident in how they changed the world. To make a difference, you have to be willing to do what others are too scared to do.

3. Maximize Experiences That Give You Flow

Flow is the feeling you get when you're doing something you truly love. It's how someone can sit in front of a computer screen and code for 15 hours straight and enjoy every second. Writers experience this when they lock themselves in a room and write a novel, and musicians get this when they play. We've all had these moments in our lives, and they usually happen when we are doing the things we are good at and enjoy.

While these activities can improve creativity, there are certain things that can worsen it. Television is a perfect example. We don't need to use any creative thinking when we sit in front of the TV. The actors, story line, and solution are all laid out in front of us. We simply digest the answer. A way to prevent this is instead of being an observer, be a participant. Don't watch a movie about an adventure, make your own. Forget about reading gossip magazines, start writing your own stories. Create activities that allow you to be creative and show off your strengths, or you'll waste a beautiful mind.