Problems at work are an unfortunate reality of today's workplace, but where can you look to find an employment attorney when you need one?

For an employee who feels that their employer is treating them unfairly, an employment attorney is an ideal asset. On the flip side--for an employer who needs to terminate an employee--benefits can be gained by seeking the services of an employment attorney. Also known as labor attorneys, these lawyers will discern which laws apply in your situation and help you take advantage of them to preserve your rights and achieve your best outcome. For many, employment attorneys can be the difference between thousands of dollars, and hours of time settling a dispute.

There are companies that know these dangers all too well. SnapChat and Tinder are two of companies that have had detrimental employee and HR issues. SnapChat's co-founder, Reggie Brown, issued a lawsuit against the company itself. Brown, who reportedly came up with the idea for the app, was pushed out of the company and not given equity. The lawsuit has continued for over a year, without any satisfaction on either side. The amount of time and legal fees that have been drained from Brown and SnapChat has been more than a mild irritation, and continues to cause headache. Brown is asking for upwards of $500 million, which SnapChat refuses to pay. It looks like the lawsuit may find a conclusion in the near future, with Brown receiving a portion of shares for his work. However, if SnapChat or Brown had engaged an employment attorney earlier on, then this disaster of a settlement may have been avoided.

SnapChat isn't the only app that suffered severe consequences from employment issues. Tinder is still recovering from its own employment controversy. Whitney Wolfe, an early employee and VP of Marketing for Tinder, had been dating the CMO and co-founder of Tinder. After their breakup, the CMO sent Whitney a nasty text message. Whitney took the text to a lawyer, and sued Tinder for over $1 million. The lawsuit has caused residual damages for Tinder, who now competes against Whitney's new company. Not equipping themselves properly with an employment attorney early on caused Tinder millions of dollars in damages.

Several organizations are working to solve this problem, and help companies and employees avoid legal,, and provide effectivesolutions to help employees and employers protect their rights and find a qualified employment attorney near them.

1: provides a user-friendly experience for employees who have little experience working with employment lawyers. Avvo encourages a low barrier-to-entry, by offering users a free Q&A with experienced lawyers. To take it one step further, employees can speak directly with a lawyer over the phone and pay affordable fees rather than paying for an in-person meeting. The platform offers a wide and versatile listing of lawyers in the area, including reviews and ratings from other clients. For those who have a few questions but don't want to dive into a partnership with a lawyer, this platform can help them get their questions answered without hassle.

2: helps employees protect their rights. As an employee who has been fired, it is not always intuitive to know what your rights are, and on what grounds your employer does or does not have the right to fire you. In some cases, if you are discriminated against or harassed, you may be entitled to a lawsuit.'s comprehensive database of experienced local legal representatives can help you seek justice. Using their online directory and list of strategies and tips, the platform aims to pair up frustrated employees with legal advice that can provide satisfaction. By utilizing a zip code-based search engine, the platform provides convenience in showing employees a listing of lawyers within their proximity. What makes the platform so convenient and user-friendly is the transparency and recommendations that can be found from other users.


For employees who want to cut right to the chase and find a lawyer as efficiently as possible, is the way to go. The search engine offers several options, allowing clients to search by lawyer name, ratings or location. It is also easy to search by area of law, state and city. This level of detail enables users to find exactly the lawyer they are looking for. If location, area of expertise, or client recommendations is a priority for the client, they can focus their search by these criteria.

While we hope most of our readers will never need to find an employment attorney for themselves, these three sites make the process much easier and provide transparency into finding a qualified employment attorney in your area.