Have you ever experienced the feeling of having more prospective customers than you can handle. You wake up in the morning and have sales meetings all the way to nightfall, causing you to be exhausted by the end of the day. Even after going through all the client calls, you still have plenty more the next day and your schedule is becoming over packed. There's no end in sight to the number of leads you're bringing in and you don't have anytime to feel sorry for yourself when you don't close. This, my friends, is what I like to call a seller's paradise.

Having too many leads is one of the best positions to be in as a sales person. All your time is being used to bring in new business, and the energy is building. Although you'll be tired, you'll look forward to everyday because you know you have more deals to land. In an ideal situation, you'd have someone just doing prospecting and have you close all the deals. When you're just starting out, you're going to have to do both.

Many entrepreneurs think they should just focus all their attention on getting one big name customer. Instead, you should play the numbers game. Fill up as many leads as possible until you become so jam-packed that you don't have a single break in your schedule. This is the best situation you can be in as a startup founder, here's why:

1. You'll care a lot less about failure

When you have a full pipeline, there's no time to feel sorry for yourself. You have plenty of other buyers who want to meet with you so having one sale not go your way won't make a big difference. Another advantage is the amount of confidence you'll start to develop going into sales. When you believe that you have an overfilled leads funnel, you'll be less conservative and take bolder moves. This is because you aren't reliant on one customer making or breaking your business.

2. You'll unleash a domino effect

Have you ever just been completely in the zone for a sale? Even before the meeting begins, you already know you're going to land the client. Everything plays out how you imagine, and you start to notice a pattern. You get on a hot streak; you're landing every prospect in site.

Sales are a mental game. When you have a lot of meetings in one day and you start to get some momentum, you'll be able to use that energy to build an amazing sale day. If you don't have a large number of potential purchasers, it's almost impossible to catch fire. By having tons of meetings set, you give yourself the best chance to find your sweet spot and knock the meetings down one by one.

3. You'll create a goldfish effect

Most clients will wonder whom else you're doing business with. When you can talk about all the customers you have meetings with, your prospects will start thinking they need to get in on the same deal. Having a huge customer interest puts peer pressure on other potential purchasers to sign on the dotted line.

4. You'll become an amazing pitchman

One of the aspects of being great at explaining your product is unlocking trigger points. Trigger points are certain statements that you say that you know will get your customers excited. The best way to find these is through constant practice and iteration. When you're talking to customers throughout the day, you'll start picking up on more and more trigger points. Your pitch will become automatic, and you'll start closing more clients than you can handle. After that, you'll have a fun new problem to solve.

Published on: Dec 24, 2014