As a college student, you're repeatedly told that the four years you spend in school are the best time of your life. The time you spend in college grants you the freedom to experiment with different beliefs and ideas, the ability to meet new and interesting people, and ultimately the chance to discover what inspires you as an individual. The opportunity for students to find themselves during their time in school really makes those four years in school precious.

Unfortunately, the ability to have these experiences relies heavily on the one thing that almost all students lack, time. Thankfully, these four startup companies are revolutionizing the way that college students live their daily lives and, through their services, are giving college students nationwide the thing they need most, more free time to "do college."

1. For when you have the munchies

EnvoyNow is an on-demand food delivery app designed exclusively for the college market. The service partners with the popular restaurants around campus and leverages an entirely student workforce to bring crazy fast delivery. More importantly, these student "Envoys" have access to any room on campus, like the 3rd floor of the library or inside a lecture hall classroom. Gone are the days where you need to leave your room and walk halfway across campus to find the delivery driver who's stuck at the gate. And did we mention you can get that late night burrito delivered on a college budget ($2.99 flat fee)?

2. For when you're cramming for that final

Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with tutors to be able to ask questions and receive instant academic help. Basically, Studypool is like having thousands of friends who are expert tutors that can help you with any question at any time. You no longer have to lose time stressing over complicated questions and scrambling for the resources to answer them. With Studypool you have access to a large network of reliable tutors who will work to help you understand your assignment and get it done right.

3. For planning that road trip with your friends

Tilt is a crowdfunding app designed to raise funds for any personal goal from charity events to fraternity parties. Users establish a set price and cards only get charged when the fundraising goal is reached. Tilt is perfect for students who don't want to spend time chasing their friends down to pay for an event or worry about keeping track of who has paid, with tilt there are no additional charges and all the bookwork is done for you.

4. For finding a party any night of the week

Toga is a college social calendar app curating all of the events happening at school on one feed, from parties and main academic dates to the school's sports schedule. Users can promote events to their college network and invite friends, as well as peek into other calendars to discover events happening at campuses across the country, which is handy when planning trips to visit other colleges.

Published on: Jul 21, 2015
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