One of the questions you'll get from customers when you're just starting out will be if you have a case study or not. This question can be tough if you have no evidence your product will work, but if you do have a solid case study your sales will skyrocket. Most clients want to see proof your company can deliver before buying. A case study is the best way to prove this. When you land your first couple of buyers, you want to make sure the purchasers will be advocates for you. While this isn't hard to do, you want to make sure you outline the expectations you want from the prospect. To set up the ideal case study relationship, make sure you include some of the following:

1. Ask for a quote about the product

A question I'll ask customers during the sale is why they think the product is helpful for them. Often, I'll get an amazing answer about how much time they will save or how great they think the service is. Then, I'll ask them if I can use their statement as a quote. If the client is going to buy from me, then they usually say yes. It is helpful to get that quote now instead of having to do it over email exchange. When you wait to get back to your email, you run the risk of them forgetting or wanting to wait. Instead, ask them right at the close to get the statement you need.

Having a reference on your website about the product is a great way to leverage a case study. It is also one of the easiest ways for a buyer to endorse you. It takes less than two minutes, is written proof, and you can put it up on your website. Don't be afraid to ask for quotes from purchasers right when they buy, it'll be much easier than having to get one later on.

2. Create milestones to get commitments from customers

When establishing a relationship with a customer, one way to make them a case study is through milestones. To do this process well, you need to figure out what your client wants to get out of working with you. Then once you know that, ask to use those metrics as a trigger point to get them to give you a recommendation.

One big milestone will be to get the buyer to agree to speak with interested prospects about your service. When you have that relationship, it'll be helpful when you have customers asking for references. At that point, you will be able to introduce your prospect to the point of contact at your case study. This will build your credibility and will save you tons of time trying to sell. A satisfied customer is always more powerful than a great sales pitch.

3. Have your case study in writing

When you are meeting with purchasers, one of the best ways to show off your case study is to have it in writing. Talk is cheap, and even referencing them to existing clients may be an unnecessary step. If you have the results you want from a buyer, make sure you make a simple one-page document that outlines the results. Add this to the materials you pass out to prospects and it'll save you time. It'll also raise the chances that you close the customer on the spot.

4. Have a featured client list

One of the ways to built credibility through case studies is putting your customers on your website. Having big name clients will help your prospects give you their trust. Especially if some of your featured customers are buyers that prospects look up to. If you have the time and resources, consider also making a short video of live testimonials from your purchasers. People want to see videos, not read long paragraphs. Because of this, creating a video of satisfied customers can be a great asset for you. It'll build the views on your site, and will bring in a ton of new business.







Published on: Dec 26, 2014