Talk about tech conferences and you will usually refer to the ones taking place in Silicon Valley and New York. It's easy to not look outside the box because you think you have everything necessary in the U.S. Smart businesses think outside the box. They take a look at other tech conferences in other countries and they weigh up whether they have something to offer.

The big benefit is that technology has changed the way people communicate. Technology has increased face-to-face communication by 62%.

Something as simple as a new perspective can pave the way to causing sectors, like household moving companies, to look outside its home territory and to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

These are the best international conferences you should be attending in tech in 2016.

1. Startup Camp--Berlin, Germany

Germany has long been the heart of European tech. Whether it's engineering with cars or rocket technology, Germany has pioneered the tech industry in Europe for decades. Startup Camp is a conference that's designed to connect founders with experienced entrepreneurs who have seen and done it all before.

Attend Startup Camp and you will meet with other business leaders in your field throughout Europe. You will learn how to make your business work and how to overcome many of the most common challenges.

This conference is ideal for anyone who has just entered the world of startups, but there are also lessons to be learned for those with more experience in the industry.

2. Interaction 16--Helsinki, Finland

Interaction 16 is a conference that takes place in Helsinki, Finland. In the Finnish capital, Interaction 16 sees over a thousand design professionals and business leaders gather together in this conference center. It takes place over three days and together you will study a range of workshops and lectures with some of the best.

For tech companies, you will learn how to come up with ideas that work and how to make your ideas into a reality by taking practical steps. This is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses that are trying to take a concept and bring it to market.

3. Clean Equity--Monaco

The Clean Equity conference in Monaco is the world's leading clean technology and resource efficiency conference. This may not sound like the most exciting conference in the world, but it can bring a lot more benefits than you might think. The reason why you should be interested in the 8th edition of this conference is because it traditionally brings together disruptive technologies from around the world.

It's your chance to hear about them before they're unleashed upon your industry. If you have a lot of knowledge about new disruptive technologies you are better placed to take advantage of them later.

4. Dubai Lynx--Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Known as the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity, this conference is the biggest regional conference for technology. This is the most prestigious technology event and it sees a number of unveilings from the communication industry. The region is one of the growing powers in technology, so it's no surprise to see some of the leading companies exhibiting here.

With communication technology growing in importance, this is the ideal conference to attend if you are thinking about how you are going to get your creations out to the masses.

5. Nullcon--Goa, India

Goa, India, is a major hub for digital nomads. And this has attracted businesses in the tech industry to this area. It's spawned Nullcon, which is the conference that focuses on Internet security. It identifies and discusses the latest threats in a number of technology areas. This is where the world's leading minds brainstorm new ideas in an open and transparent dialogue.

This is a world where Internet security is more important to ordinary members of the general public than ever before. If you can get a leg up on the competition in this area, you are going to see incredible results. You are going to attract more people to your brand.

Last Word--The Practical Aspects of Going International

It's never an easy task to fly to an international conference. You have to be able to think about how it's going to impact your core business activities. It requires some advance planning and it shouldn't be something you take lightly.

The best way to prepare for an international conference is to go out of your way to understand what you are going to get out of it. Make sure you have some firm goals in mind.

How are you going to make the most out of an international conference?