No industry is ever same from one year to the next. Different visions, new CEOs and market trends all have an influence on what the 'next big thing' is going to be. 2016 is bringing change for many industries, though some are not as obvious as you might think.

Last year we witnessed the rise of 3D printing, new developments in mobile and the making of millennials. These dynamic industries have had a great impact on our daily lives. They have made things easier and more interactive and have shaped the way companies conduct their business on a large scale.

If you step out of the bubble, you will see that there is a rich ecosystem of technologies that exist in a symbiotic relationship. As we move into 2016, industries that have yet to show their true potential are beginning to bloom.

Here are just a few to keep your eye on:

1. Marketing automation gets responsive.

If you've attended any marketing event in the last 6 months you might have heard about a little trend called Marketing Automation. The most effective place to start is with your email campaigns. Email marketing platform, a company to watch in 2016 for this is GetResponse As veterans in the business, they made marketing automation accessible to different business needs, even giving you real analytics about each campaign and their responsive automated follow up is one of the smartest things you'll see this year.

2. Business Intelligence 2.0.

There is no escaping big data. Many businesses must rely on data to form insights about their campaigns and make optimizations. Business intelligence companies are developing new ways to assist with these processes. Behavioral analytics platform Cooladata has an adaptable solution that tracks and understands user behavior over different channels, allowing users ask questions and have the answers presented in a visual form. Using different methods of analysis, you can find out how well your sales funnel is operating, calculate the time it takes a user to interact with a call-to-action and even how a user continues to use your service after buying. This is the new frontier of business analytics.

3. IoT settles in at home.

There is nothing more exciting than having everything in your home connected. It was once a thing of sci-fi films, but now the Internet of Things is making it a reality. This industry is set to multiply in the next 12 months, and soon you'll be seeing your kitchen communicate with your bathroom. Tekoia released a smartphone-based software that turns your phone into a home universal remote system. With a click of a button you can be connected to almost everything in your house, even when you're not there.

4. End of fake customer reviews.

In the last year companies like Amazon, TripAdvisor and Yelp have been affected by increasing fake reviews on their site that were written for as little as $5. This serious breach of basic customer--seller relationship has forced the consumer industry in a new direction. Safer, more reliable review tools that both businesses and customers can trust are going to be a hot topic in 2016. Yotpo is one of the companies making it possible, a completely customizable, customer focused reviewing tool that builds on your relationship with your client. The tool was built with mobile in mind, intuitive to the increasing trend of shopping on mobiles, and has a one-step submission process to maximize the chances of engagement. To offer a solution for the fake review issue, Yotpo gives business the option to reward customers with a coupon in exchange for an honest review.

5. Fintech solutions made of gold.

Financial technology (or otherwise known as Fintech) is heating up. The industry is changing the online payment processes as well as giving users new options to invest their money. BitGold, a financial service focused on gold, is being hailed as a game changer. Not only can you buy and invest in gold, you can also use it as currency to make purchases online with your very own prepaid BitGold card. Fintech is a disruptive industry to be aware of and its impact on payment processes may have a ripple effect throughout the whole online industry.

With the nature of these industries and others alike, it's hard to know where the biggest change is going to come from. However, 2016 may be the year when less obvious industries are the ones that make the loudest noise.