The iPhone is one of the most well-known brands in the world. As recently as the fourth financial quarter of 2015, Apple sold 48 million of them around the world. However, while Apple has provided us all with smartphones, the iPhone has gone on to indirectly change a variety of industries.

This article will detail some of the industries the iPhone has indirectly innovated.

1. Photography

Wanted to take a great photograph five years ago? You would need a camera and all the equipment. Phone cameras were no better than fuzzy selfie sticks. Today, the iPhone is on par with many of the cheaper cameras. Furthermore, Apple has managed to completely change the way we record the world. There are even competition categories for photos taken with an iPhone.

It's made it easier than ever before to make money from photography. More to the point, camera manufacturers have had to work harder to stay ahead of the iPhone.

2. Phone Repair

The phone repair industry has benefited heavily from the number of smashed iPhone screens. They can charge up to a hundred dollars to fit a new screen, which has meant many startups cashing in on the opportunity.

What made the phone repair industry so big was the sheer complexity the iPhone can bring. It means lots of problems to be solved, and that has opened up a huge niche. It isn't just iPhones that have been responsible for this. The smartphone industry in general has led to this.

3. Personal Communication

The iPhone has arguably brought us closer together than previously thought possible. In the opinions of some, it's even taken us away from each other as more and more of our communication is done through a smartphone. It only takes one second to glance at the people on the street glaring at their phones to see how the iPhone has changed the world.

Personal communication has made it easier for friends and co-workers to stay in touch at all times. Naturally, this isn't down to the classic SMS system. The rise of apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat facilitated this.

4. Music

Music has changed because of what Apple did. The personal music player has existed in some way for over 30 years before the first iPhone appeared. What the iPhone has done is pushed the industry to go digital. It can be said that the iPhone was responsible for the death of the traditional MP3 music player, as well as CDs.

Apple isn't entirely responsible for the push to go digital. Even without the iPhone the industry would have reached the same point sooner or later, but the iPhone really accelerated it.

The iPhone connects direct with the iTunes app, which allows people to purchase and download music tracks at their leisure. They can even upload music from an existing collection to the iPhone to listen on the go.

The wider music industry has had to adapt. Artists have had to market themselves online. And it's certainly driven the price of owning music down.

5. Mobile Computing and App Design

Finally, mobile computing is perhaps the biggest industry the iPhone has innovated. It's led the way in improving technology and making it easier than ever to accomplish tasks on a smartphone that people would have previously done on a desktop computer.

Mobile computing has come a long way as the iPhone has improved. It's why the majority of people now access the web on a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop computer.

And mobile computing has led to the formation of the app design industry. The iPhone, again, can be said to be indirectly responsible for this industry. Mobile computing created a need for apps to customize every device according to the needs of the user.

This has further led to the formation of multi-billion-dollar tech startups. The greatest example of this is Snapchat, which was valued at tens of billions of dollars, despite not generating a single dollar in actual revenue.

How the iPhone Changed the World?

The iPhone has changed the world for the better, and not in just the direct ways. Indirectly, the iPhone has moved mountains and led to many industries rising up from nothing. It's no surprise that this is the most popular smartphone in the world.

Will it continue to influence the world as it has done, though?

There are signs that smartphone innovation is slowing down. With one release per year, this has come as no surprise. At the moment, the battle is on to create the best smartphone camera possible. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that the iPhone will be at the head of the pack as it continues to innovate.