Your company blog is the one content platform you have complete and total control over. It's also a crucial part of your sales funnel. Bring someone to your blog and you can lead them on to your products and services. But to encourage people to visit your blog you have to produce the right type of content.

In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the key types of content your company blog absolutely has to have.

1. Infographics

The infographic is a type of content that has a lot of power because it's a visual type of content. A study showed that after three days, 65% of visual content is retained by the brain, compared to only 10% of written content.

One company, digital marketing agency Local Digital, reported that clients experienced far better results when posting infographics, compared to conventional written blogs. They reported that it had a lot to do with the fact that readers simply enjoyed them more.

These are easily digested, report actual facts, and grab the attention through bright colors.

2. Case Studies

Anyone who has ever looked up tips on marketing are well aware that the benefits of storytelling are immense. Stories that work just like a three-act structure are ideal for company blogs. To make this work you have to follow these three steps.

Setup - Build the world and set some context. In this case, the customer has a problem and it's negatively impacting their life.

Confrontation - They look through the various solutions and come up against bigger problems. The customer is at a loss for what to do.

Solution - They come across the solution, which is your company, and you demonstrate how their lives have changed because of it.

You may be wondering why this works so well on a company blog. The truth is that people have a hard time relating to companies. They aren't sure how to do it and therefore you need to give them a way. Rather than trying to make them connect with you, you are connecting with them with ordinary people just like them.

At the same time, you are cleverly inserting your product into proceedings.

When creating great case studies for your blog, don't attempt to make it cheesy by adding in lots of successes. You need to include failures as well. Your goal is to be realistic not fantasy. Remember that many people will be using these case studies in their expectations when they follow the same path. You don't want to disappoint them.

3. List Content

So many articles are exclusively lists these days, with 30% of all blog posts being lists. Women's magazines pioneered the list article, and they have embedded themselves into every industry. Fact is, people have a 'top 10 effect'.

This effect is that round numbers add more significance. They make everything outside of it inferior. Certain numbers are more powerful than others, and thus anything outside of 10 instantly loses power.

4. How-To Guides

Rich content is huge in the world of today. This is content that appears on Google when long-tail queries are entered. It's designed to answer specific questions customers may have. The perfect post is rumored to be around 1,500 words, according to most experts.

Include how-to guides that answer common customer questions. You don't have to talk specifically about your product. You could also target problems specific to your niche, as well.

5. Video Content

Most people are going to be viewing your blog via a mobile device. They don't have time for a long piece of written content. This is why video content has been shown to be so effective in recent times. Space out your written content with video content.

Two to three-minute videos are seen as the ideal length for a piece of video content. What you include is up to you, but make it content that's either entertaining or helpful.


These pieces of content will help you maintain a diverse amount of content for your target audience to enjoy. Make sure that you post at least once a week and that your blog is fully integrated into your social media marketing campaign.

By putting in continuous effort, you will soon begin to experience the results you are looking for.