The selfie stick has become one of the most controversial pieces of equipment since it was first seen on QVC and Dragons Den. Since it first appeared, there have been many different versions that have been developed and designed to be used with different smart phones. They are now becoming such a big part of our culture that they are considered one of the most needed accessories for the smart phone.

Whether you are into the selfie stick or not, they're here to stay. Amusement parks and airports can ban them, but die-hard selfie stick fans won't put their sticks down without a fight. But did you know the selfie stick can also make your life easier and more productive? Let's look at a few reasons why the selfie stick isn't going to take it lying down:

1. Presidents use them

It was former president Theodore Roosevelt that said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" as his motto for foreign policy. Our current president, Barack Obama, talks about sticks, too. While Obama was visiting Alaska to talk of issues over climate change, the hottest discussions were not on the climate change he envisioned. Instead, it is his use of the selfie stick to take photos in the Alaskan wilderness that has become the hottest topic of discussion. Social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram blew up over Obama and his selfie stick.

2. They're a fashion accessory

Selfie culture has reached new heights and the selfie stick is becoming a fashion must-have. You cannot walk down a street without seeing a selfie stick of some description. And it may not even be used strictly for taking a selfie. Remember when Scott Disick of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame outfitted his alter ego, Lord Disick, with a walking stick? We're trying to forget, I know. But what a better way to use your selfie stick than as a cane while walking down the street. Throw in a Bowler hat and an ascot and you might just be mistaken for royalty. Just make sure to turn off the bluetooth connection before heading out.

3. Double as self-defense

So you're standing at one of the most scenic overlooks you've ever been to, and you just have to snap a selfie to post on Instagram. While you're at it, a sketchy person comes up behind you and tries to grab your selfie stick. What do you do? You turn that selfie stick into a weapon and beat the tar out of that thief, taking his picture in the process so that you can show the evidence to the police. But jokes aside, selfie sticks are meant to be used safely. Alynah Patel, CEO of Selfie Stick Gear, says that “Selfie Sticks are meant to be used for entertainment, not violence. They are meant to enhance the selfie experience, not ruin it.” So keep it safe guys and use the selfie stick for how it's actually meant to be used.

4. Long-distance animal feeders

That dog walking down your street looks friendly enough, but who knows if it's up-to-date on its rabies and parvo vaccines? You never know, so stay on the safe side and attach little treats to your selfie stick. You can maintain a safe distance while making friends with all of the pets in your neighborhood. You could also possibly use your selfie stick for the Rattlesnake Roundup if you live in Texas. That was a joke. Leave that to the professionals. But if you use your imagination, you could interact with all sorts of woodland creatures the next time you're camping. Just make sure to bring your selfie stick and a bag of nuts.

5. Home security system

Home security and home automation are all the rage these days. You can control the thermostat, turn off lights, open the garage, and lock and unlock the doors in your home all from your smartphone. But what if you're home security budget isn't exactly enough to cover that kind of technology? You can still use your smartphone and selfie stick to keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. Using the telescopic feature, or duct tape, place your selfie stick at knee-level in the doorway to your home or bedroom and watch the burglars trip over it. You can also place the selfie stick above the door so that it will fall on whoever opens it. This is a great security hack for staying safe in hotel rooms.

Published on: Sep 27, 2015