Today it is harder than ever to distinguish your business from the crowd. To establish a unique business with a novel value proposition, it is necessary to focus on a niche or otherwise specific category. Even if it accounts for only some minutia of a larger gain, focusing on a specific function or purpose can claim your business as the go-to for that function. The result? A promising increase in revenue.

In order to equip your business with this laser-focus, you must toss aside notions of casting a broad net and instead be focused on one goal.

One of the most important tools for accomplishing this is to unite everyone in your company on this agenda. On top of that, here are a few more ways to narrow your company's focus:

Banish Distractions

One of the most critical parts of confining your company's focus is removing distractions and unnecessary initiatives. By cutting out a few distractions here and there, your company's productivity can improve drastically.

One easy way to do this is to stop watching TV. In fact, in a survey of wealthy people, it was discovered that 67% of wealthy individuals abstain from watching television. What should we take from this? Watching TV, and other unproductive activities, can take away from the overall productivity of the business.

Getting to work early is another way to get more tasks accomplished. When you arrive earlier, you decrease your likeliness of encountering other distractions. You will set yourself up for a more productive day.

Brief your HR Team, And Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Place

In your business, make sure that your HR department is not seen as an annoyance. The goal of your HR should be to administer changes to the various departments of the company, with an overall goal tailored to the company's initiatives. All departments, in this sense, must be working together to achieve that goal.

Business Development Needs To Align With Company Goals

Business development must be geared to match the current goals of the company. Whether in regards to expansion, customer acquisition, or client retention, it is important the business-focused department in the company acts according to your specific goals.

Lance Brandow, Founder of Brandow Consulting provides insight on business focus, saying, "If you focus on one thing, you'll be better at that one thing, than anyone else. People will come to you for true expertise." Whenever you come up with a new idea, consider how it will impact revenue before implementing it.

Finance Departments Can Ensure Solidarity

One of the best ways to make your company laser-focused is to have control over the finances. Finance isn't just about accounting, and you must pay close attention to your company's expenses, revenue, and projected income to make clear and thoughtful plans, while maintaining narrow focus.

Sales Are The Corner-Stone

The goal of your laser-focused business is to be the best at what you do. This notion should permeate especially into your sales team. You should seek to dominate your corner of the market. Ideally, if you business is truly laser-focused, then your marketing, sales, and business development teams will be working seamlessly together.

For example, the sales and marketing teams should collaborate and be under mutual understanding of marketing's campaigns, demographics, and key words. When sales has results and feedback, they should provide that to marketing to revise campaigns accordingly.

Data-Driven C-suite Approaches Are a Must

One of the most important lessons is that every department must work together as a single unit. The company's leadership should set the goals and roadmap, and the departments work together to bring these visions to life while maintaining a laser-focus.




Published on: Oct 29, 2015
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