You don't have to wait till Earth Day to do something green in the office; you should definitely make your company go green--permanently--because it really makes business sense.


According to a HuffingtonPost post (no pun intended!), companies that are intentional about incorporating earth-friendly practices are more likely to save money, increase staff productivity and improve their overall relationship with customers and communities.

So, regardless of your pocket, I'll be sharing with you 8 ways your company can go green without hurting, but hurtling, your bottom line. In other words, I want to show you how to save the planet and save money at the same time by going green.

1. Gauge your current energy and water use.

It just makes sense that before you do something new, you have to take an inventory of how far you've gone with the old way, so you can know what work there is to do--and how you can gradually undo what you currently do.

Putting that in perspective, I mean; gauge your current "ungreen" use, especially in terms of energy and water, and then start thinking of how to do them differently--in a greener fashion.

2. Switch off unused appliances.

No unused appliance should be left on. Encourage your workers to make sure any appliance not used, or not very important, should be turned off till when needed.

Other than making your company eco-friendly and saving you so much money on energy, it also protects your company from electrical faults and accidents. Plus, it's actually plain commonsensical.

3. Put computers to sleep.

If you can't switch your computers off due to unsaved processes or work, then hibernate or put them to sleep when not in use. This can help your company save $10 - $50 per computer annually.

4. Replace standard light bulbs.

Replacing standard light bulbs with the more eco-friendly compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights is one of the simplest but best steps you can take towards taking your company green. These bulbs might be more expensive than the standard ones but they consume less energy and last very long--saving you so much money on electricity and light bulbs in the long run.

5. Power your office with alternative energy.

Solar power, hydropower, plant matter, geothermal, wind, and other renewable energy sources are used to generate "green power". And "green power" sources are the most eco-friendly sources of energy.

It's definitely costly to move to alternative energy, but you'll be saving money in the long run--and also saving planet Earth.

6. Use public transportation or other alternative means of transportation.

Trying as much as possible to reduce the number of cars plying the roads on any given day is a great attempt at saving the planet and making it greener.

Encouraging your workers to board buses, trains, and other public vehicles is a good way to make your company go green--and even save them some money. Other means like biking or walking are also eco-friendly practices in the area of transportation that should be encouraged among your staff.

7. Plant Trees.

Tree planting aids the green movement in a great way. They help reduce the carbon (CO2) levels in our environment by absorbing them and releasing the much needed oxygen.

The least your company could do is plant flowers and trees around your office. Taking it to greater heights is doing a tree planting project in your community.

You don't have to be an expert gardener, you can easily learn planting from the various tree-planting guides online.

8. Upgrade and Donate.

You'll not only be doing Mother Earth some good; you'll also be doing good for those who are in need. Simply upgrade your appliances to their greener versions and donate the old ones. This might cost you much, but you'll save money, especially on maintenance, in the long run.

As you can see, going green can be easy and can also be complex. You really don't have to do all at once. Simply start small--from the cost-effective ones and start implementing gradually...till you're able to take on the big eco-friendly practices like alternative energy.

Start by, at least, switching off all unused appliances.

Over to you; what other ways can companies go green? Let's discuss more in the comments.