Google has started a revolution of all things email related, and they have been able to swiftly and easily take over many platforms for businesses and people in the world. As a business owner, and especially as the owner of a startup business, you should check out some of these wonderful accessories and plug-ins that will make your business run smoother and more efficiently than before.

Frank Kasimov of says, "Considering the speed at which technology is rocketing ahead, your email box will only become more important to your day-to-day business success." You want to make sure that you have all options open to your business to give you the best chance at success. Email isn't going anywhere, so getting the most out of it really will help you build a better business in the long run.

Boomerang: This third-party Gmail plug-in will help you keep everything in line. It can be hard to remember important callbacks or times for meetings. This handy tool will schedule everything for you.

MailChimp: You probably can't get the commercial that played before last year's hit podcast Serial out of your head, and that's a good thing, because MailChimp is your friend. As a small business, you will often send out large amounts of promotional emails. This little plug-in will help you with that task. It won't actually put the content together--you have to do that--but it will mail it off to everyone you want to send it to.

Unroll.Me: For businesses that get stuck with a lot of spam messages from other companies, or just junk in general, can help you unsubscribe from all of those emails without having to open each one.

Sidekick: Make sure that important messages are being received with this tool. You can track your emails to make sure that no one misses any important things.

MxHero: If you send a lot of private emails, or ones that have very sensitive data, this plug-in will help you ensure that they get to the person intended and no one else can read them--just like old spy dramas, where notes would be received with a recording saying, "This message will self-destruct in 10, 9, 8...." With this tool, messages can be set to be removed five minutes after they have been read to make communications as private as possible. It comes as part of Mail2Cloud's Individual Email Productivity Suite, which also offers tracking and cloud storage services. This tool will help you remember to do certain things when you are emailing people. Simply email anything you need to say to and an email reminder will be sent to you to do whatever it is that needs to be done.

KeyRocket: This handy little accessory will give you shortcut options so you can type emails faster and spend less time doing that when you could be doing something else that is important.