The beginning of 2016 is upon was. In less than a month, we'll have the opportunity to start the New Year with a fresh set of goals.

You probably know that most people will not make the changes they set out to for their New Year's Resolution. For some reason or another, they just lose the routine and discipline to stay with it.

But have no fear, below is a plan that will allow your mind and body to get in shape.

As we enter 2016, I've begun adopting these new habits in my life as well.

I'm not going to lie; it hasn't been an easy process. Temptation is everywhere, but after the first week it's gotten easier and easier for me to adjust to. If we stay strong and adopt these habits below, I promise when 2017 comes around we'll be proud of the year looking back.

Here are the key changes we need to make to maximize improvement as we enter the New Year.

1. Ditch TV

I love video games and Netflix. Even as an adult, nothing gets me excited than turning on the TV and throwing on my favorite video game. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest time and happiness wasters in our lives.

In his book Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says TV provides the lowest amount of flow/happiness. On top of this, TV watching is a huge amount of wasted time that could go towards self-improvement.

In The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy talks about how successful people have a great improvement to entertainment ratio. What that means is that successful people spend way more time reading books and working out then they do watching TV or partying.

This New Year, ditch the TV watching. You'll be amazed at how many hours will come back to your day.

2. Workout in the mornings

If you've read any of my previous articles on self-improvement, you know I'm a huge proponent of getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

With that said, one habit I've found to be very helpful is getting up early and hitting the gym.

There are a lot of benefits to this.

Working out in the morning sets a great tone for the rest of the day.

When you hit the gym early, you feel more productive and energetic. Your confidence and excitement comes up, but more importantly when you go to bed you feel accomplished.

I don't know about you, but I hate going to bed at night feeling like I could've done more. I prefer going to bed and telling myself I got better that day.

Waking up early and physically pushing yourself will help you do just that.

Also, nighttime is usually when we lose our discipline. Late night munchies and evening TV shows are more likely to happen when we stay up. To ensure you still get proper sleep, try going to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am everyday. It'll take a little getting used to, but once you get in the groove you'll become way more productive.

3. Read and reflect

One of the habits that I slipped on this year that I've started getting back into is reflecting every night. Before going to bed, I would create a blog post about what I learned that day and a lesson for my readers.

In my experience, this exercise is one of the best ways we can learn from our mistakes and improve every single day.

The other habit to adopt is making time to read everyday. By eliminating TV, you can get an extra 30 minutes to read every night. If you're reading non-fiction, try reading right before bed. After 30 minutes, you'll be in a relaxed state for bed.

Keeping this habit will allow you to learn so much throughout the year. When you talk to your friends in 2017, they won't believe how much your knowledge base has improved.