There are so many angles to marketing that it's virtually impossible to count them all. However, one of the most effective ways to promote your brand is with celebrity endorsements. One formal dress designer is doing just that.

Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements

The jury is still out when it comes to the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. That's true whether you look at the data or listen to the opinion of professional marketers.

However, there's a caveat. Celebrity endorsements can make a big difference depending on the type of product or service being offered.

For example, it might not matter to the average consumer what brand of mayonnaise Jennifer Lawrence eats. Her endorsement for that type of product might not move the needle in sales enough to justify the expense.

On the other hand, many young women might very well care what type of fashion brands Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez uses. Endorsements from those celebrities can make all the difference between a thriving business and bankruptcy.

Image Marketing

When it comes to image marketing, there's little doubt that celebrities can have a big impact. That's because celebrities often create the image that people want to imitate.

In the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston started a hair style fad. That went on for some time and then, like all other fads, went away. The point is, though, that women wanted to imitate the look of the Friends star.

The same is true of fashion in general. That's why brands in the apparel and accessories space often seek endorsements from celebrities.

Formal dress designer Jovani notes that "when women see celebrities wearing our dresses, it makes all the difference. They literally become walking advertisements for our brand and let other women know that we're a quality company."

That's why the company's website features images of famous women wearing its dresses. Jovani's portfolio of celebrity endorsements includes Miranda Lambert, Meghan Trainor, Omarosa, Jenny McCarthy, Lee Ann Womack, and Jordan Sparks.

Gaining Credibility

Celebrity endorsements add credibility to the brand. We've already seen how that works in the fashion space. However, it can work in other areas where celebrities are viewed as trend-setters or are taken seriously in the niche. For example, somebody might take an endorsement of a technical college from Microsoft founder Bill Gates very seriously.

DietBet has used celebrities in the dieting space to promote its brand. The company enlisted fitness expert Drew Manning for its marketing campaigns. That's the kind of niche-specific celebrity endorsement that gets results. In this case, it turned out to be one of the company's most effective marketing campaigns ever.

Generating Curiosity

You can also pique the interest of people in your target market with a celebrity endorsement. A standard marketing campaign with typical ad copy might generate some interest, but if it features the face of a well-known celebrity behind it, more people are going to take notice. That's even true of people who might not be fans of the celebrity whose image you choose to use.

Getting Publicity

Even if a celebrity endorsement doesn't offer immediate benefits, it often generates publicity for your brand. If you find a creative way to work a celebrity into your advertising campaign, you'll likely have bloggers and journalists alike writing about it. People will share that content on social media and you'll generate buzz about your brand.

Use that buzz to launch a marketing campaign that transforms curious onlookers into paying customers. You can later thank the celebrity for helping you grow your business.

Building Brand Awareness

When one celebrity wears a fashion designer's dress, what happens? She tells her friends, many of whom are also celebrities, the name of the designer who made the dress. Often times, she's also asked on the red carpet at awards shows who she's wearing. She gives the name of the designer on national television.

That kind of free advertising is priceless.

Wrapping It Up

Sometimes, it can be tough to get the word out about your brand. However, with celebrity endorsements, you can quickly create buzz and watch sales soar.