The life of an entrepreneur has never been more hectic or chaotic. We work on laptops from airports and hotels, we eat on the go, have little downtime and use on-demand apps for many of our most important services such as transportation. Not surprisingly, there has become quite a market for startups who can create products and services that support the high performance lifestyles of entrepreneurs. Whether you need professional services, such as an attorney, on demand or you need help organizing your diet or schedule, tools now exist fairly inexpensively to help keep your life in overdrive without going off the tracks.

As a frequent user myself of the latest tools to help me support a more productive and effective life, I try to test out as many new brands that I discover coming to market to help support the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. Here are a few of my recent favorites.


For busy entrepreneurs that are always on-the-go and who live high performance lifestyles, there is RocketLawyer. This startup caters to entrepreneurs who are constantly busy to make sure they get all of the legal advice and support that they need. With this state-of-the-art technology, this startup lets entrepreneurs create their own customized legal documents and to get legal advice from lawyers on all of the documents that they create.

Plus, for high-performance entrepreneurs who are doing business all over the country, the company provides entrepreneurs with access to lawyers in specific states so they can get insight from a professional who actually practices in that state. The company even provides a Legal Health Score for entrepreneurs to help them evaluate their legal wellness.

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply wants to change how entrepreneurs think about clothing. When you're an on-the-go startup founder or executive, you need clothing that supports that high performance lifestyle. The company's slogan is a simple one "Dress Smarter. Worker Smarter." Entrepreneurs who want to dress in a way that actually supports their high performance lifestyle, this brand offers them just the workwear attire they need.

The company decided to solve some of the most common problems about fit, function and simplicity of workwear clothing. The clothing is designed to ensure a proper fit, prevent sweat stains from impacting clothing and ensuring that the clothing can withstand the demands of the busy high-demand days that many entrepreneurs have to deal with.

Blue Apron

The popular fresh food company Blue Apron was designed with busy professionals in mind. The company created their organization specifically with busy professionals in mind so that individuals such as high performance entrepreneurs can get home cooked healthy meals that they can actually cook themselves without spending too much at the grocery store.

This way entrepreneurs can just order their pre-portioned meals, have their food waiting for them when they get home and instantly start creating healthy meals they can enjoy and their whole family can enjoy. This is a major time-saver for many entrepreneurs and it still lets busy business owners make sure they are getting the healthy meals they need to perform their best.


Are you a busy, in-demand entrepreneur? Then you always need to look your best. This means having professionally pressed and dry cleaned clothing for all of your upcoming meetings and engagements. Now those who no longer have the time to handle their own dry cleaning, there is DRYV. This startup has an app that lets busy professionals schedule their dry cleaning to be picked up and dropped off at the time of their choice. This on-demand dry cleaning service can save any busy professional a great deal of time, no matter where their day may take them.


Virtual assistant startup Zirtual offers entrepreneurs with dedicated virtual assistants that can help them handle all of the demands of being a high-performance entrepreneur. This startup is catered specifically to entrepreneurs and is designed to streamline the success of any entrepreneur. One of the great benefits of this company specifically for entrepreneurs is that their service is designed to handle all of the little details from scheduling meetings to booking travel and everything in between.