Building a buzz for your startup is never easy. You are competing for space in an increasingly crowded market, regardless of the niche you happen to be operating in. Breaking news is just one way that you can build a buzz for your startup. You are going to learn why this works and how you can go about doing it.

The Value of Breaking News

The most obvious value of breaking news is that it's current. This is nothing new. It's one of the oldest strategies have used in order to generate some publicity. They simply latch on to a recent story or trend. The difference is with the rise of the Internet and social media this process has become faster.

You have to act faster than ever before. Real-time marketing, where you are expected to react in seconds, is on the up. As a business, you will be expected to deal with this in the right way.

Making You Relevant

The reason why startups can generate a buzz is simply by showing that they are relevant. By involving yourself in what people are talking about you could reach a whole new audience. In the event of a developing news story, someone could come across your comments.

They may decide to start speaking to you and then they check out your company. They like what they see and decide to give you a try. It all started because you made yourself relevant through a breaking news story.

Creating a Customer Relationship

One of the main challenges facing startups is creating those vital customer relationships. These relationships are vital for gaining loyal customers who are going to talk about you without any prompting. You can do this through the buzz of breaking news.

The key to building customer relationships is to speak to people as if you were a friend not a business. A lot of startups spend most of their time interacting with people for no other reason than to build a relationship. They are not trying to land a sale. It's one person talking to another.

Nothing helps with this like the power of breaking news.

Integrate into Your Marketing Campaigns

Sharing breaking news and speaking to people is one thing, but there are startups who are crafting entire marketing campaigns based on breaking news. Take a look at many betting companies as an example. They use recent sporting trends in order to create relevant marketing campaigns that the average person is going to identify with.

Using breaking news for this purpose has the benefit of providing you with relevant marketing content that's going to catch the eye of people.

On a side note, using breaking news is great for SEO. Google wants the most relevant content at the top of its search results, and so anything that's relevant to the latest news is always going to get towards the top of the search rankings.

How to Find the Right Breaking News

Of course, you have to find the right breaking news in the first place. There are things happening every minute and not all of those changes are going to be relevant to your business. For most startups, the way to build a buzz is to stick to either the big news stories in your industry or the big news stories in general.

Never try to force your brand into something it's not relevant to. There's little point in a cookery company trying to thrust its nose into a story about the Panama Papers, or political corruption in Brazil, for example. Yes, you may have some salient points to make, but is it going to bring the right audience into your business?

The idea is to talk about the things that your target audience is likely to be talking about. This is why you should always have a good idea as to who your perfect customer is. You should know the demographic, their likes, and their dislikes. It will enable you to find the right breaking news for you.

Using Breaking News in Action

The main way to use breaking news is to react fast. There are many social media scheduling platforms that will help you to keep putting out relevant content as stories develop. You also need to make sure that you are participating actively within conversations.

Either you or a designated figure within your company should be spending time interacting with real people and joining the conversation. The goal is to form a connection with them, not to openly start selling your products and services.

How will you make breaking news work for you today?


Published on: Apr 27, 2016