Cloud computing's inevitable march is taking over the world of business. According to the latest statistics, 78% of US small businesses have now fully adopted cloud computing. Furthermore, it's happening because of pioneers like CloudBerry.

While companies like CloudBerry are less focused on rolling out cloud computing and more about helping companies manage the cloud, it demonstrates how important the cloud is and why every business should have access.

This article is going to go into how the cloud is altering the way you do business and the benefits of owning a piece of this innovation.

The Importance of Cloud Backup

CloudBerry specializes in providing a managed cloud backup service for companies of all sizes. This is about providing an added layer of security so if something happens to physical computer systems in an office, the company can continue to run as before.

For example, if a fire occurs and the entire office and its contents are destroyed, the company can simply move to a temporary location and use new computers. However, the key is they can access the same old files because they were backed up on the cloud.

This company specializes in providing disaster relief, and this is the sort of disaster relief your company could start benefitting from.

Reasons Why You Need to Take Advantage of the Cloud Today

Boost Collaboration - The cloud allows you to access your files from anywhere. That means you can collaborate as long as you have an Internet-enabled device. It's also beneficial if for some reason your usual computer or server is out of action.

More Engagement - The cloud is by far the best system of engagement for meeting the needs of customers. The ability to pull up files and presentations from anywhere provides more tools to work with.

Speed - The cloud enables companies to move forward faster with innovation. Kuma Games has worked with IBM to offer episodic video games via the cloud. They have made them faster, graphically superior, and higher performing than their competitors.

To achieve these three benefits doesn't require any significant investment. The cloud has caught on so quickly with businesses of all sizes because of how affordable it is. CloudBerry, for example, has managed to scale its services and make them as flexible as possible so companies are only using exactly what they pay for.

The Cloud and Disaster Relief

Nevertheless, to go with the cloud you should combine your disaster relief services. This means that if something goes wrong you can continue to deliver services to customers. There are many reasons why you may want to combine your contingency plans with the cloud.

CloudBerry has made a name for itself by offering tailor-made solutions for companies in this same situation. The benefits of combining the cloud with a disaster recovery plan include:

Deciding to go to the cloud is easy because it can be implemented within a matter of minutes. Most cloud systems come with configuration wizards. All you have to do is answer a few questions and the system will adjust to the needs of your organization.

It also uses your existing IT arrangements. Cloud storage and cloud backup solutions can be used alongside existing storage devices, applications, and your current operating system.

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Climb Aboard

There are many companies that have joined this industry niche since it first started to gain traction. CloudBerry was one of the pioneers of this part of the cloud computing industry. Don't debate over whether to adopt it within your organization.

There's a big risk associated with doing this because if something goes wrong you could be exposed to lawsuits. Companies have been sued before because private data was leaked as a result of cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and simple malfunctions.

The cloud can ensure this never happens to you. Take a look at what the cloud can offer you today.

What experiences have you had with cloud computing?