Over a decade ago, cosmetic surgery procedures were seen as nothing more than fringe procedures. Riddled with potential side effects, low quality results, and scandal after scandal after scandal, cosmetic surgery was often ridiculed and dismissed, and viewed as nothing more than the sign a celebrity had finally reached their end-of-career crisis.

However, we have now entered a time when cosmetic and plastic surgery is not just accepted, but actively sought out and desired. In fact, procedures like liposuction and hair restoration are finding their ways to ever increasing demographics, years ago these same procedures were no more than the butt of late night talk show jokes. What has brought about this massive evolution in stance on a previously controversial industry? Why are nearly 16 Million undergoing these procedures on a yearly basis? Well, just like so many other industries, technology has led the way, with the best and newest instruments across the industry allowing for better results, lower costs, and fewer side effects. These new instruments and technologies have wholly disrupted the industry in which they belong-as well as the procedures themselves-leading to better profits, and near universal acceptance!

It's Not Liposuction Anymore, it's "Liposculpture"

Perhaps no procedure has been revolutionized more by technology than the liposuction procedure. Beginning as a true fringe procedure that resulted in-in some cases-subpar results, potential side effects, and worse, liposuction has fast become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the past decade. New technologies, such as Smart Lipo and Ultrasonic Liposuction, have become true game changers in the industry, permitting-as Dr. William Hall, of Infini Phoenix Liposuction-notes, "more thorough and smoother results across a wide spectrum of different patients and skin types". In fact, newer liposuction techniques aren't so much liposuction anymore, but liposculpture, giving doctors like Dr. Hall the ability to literally sculpt the body to achieve the desired results-a breakthrough that has almost taken the "suction" out of liposuction!

On a similar note, liposuction has also seen the evolution of a completely new operation, which provides similar fat sculpting effects but with the added benefit of augmenting another, more underwhelming body part. This surgery is, of course, fat transfer surgery. When asked about this radical new technique, St. Louis liposuction surgeon, Dr. Wright, had this to say:

"The technology of autologous fat transfer is revolutionizing body sculpting cosmetic surgery. This technology has allowed me to significantly change patients shapes without synthetic or artificial implants...[and it provides] much smooth[er] results that look very natural."

These improvements, technologies, and new procedures have not only made the liposuction procedure desirable, they have also made liposuction more marketable than ever before, providing liposuction doctors with more procedures, more happy patients, and-of course-more profits!

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Though vaginal rejuvenation still has its detractors, it too is entering a revolution of sorts as an astounding number of women continue to pursue the procedure. Similar to liposuction, the rise of laser and radiofrequency devices have helped improve results and even allow clinics to offer non-surgical alternatives for vaginal and labial procedures.

Dr. Wesley Anne Brady, board certified gynecologic surgeon and medical director of the Women's Wellness Institute of Dallas, argues that "the advancements of radiofrequency devices, specifically the Ellman Pelleve 5S Surgitron system, is a major development and have allowed my practice to grow, my surgical results to improve, and my surgeries to take less time". With this, and the advent of laser therapy such as MonaLisa Touch by Cynosure-"the first non-hormonal treatment option, which has been huge in the field of vaginal health and sexual wellness", according to Dr. Brady-it's easy to see why the number of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are on the rise.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is yet another procedure that-in years past-was consistently ridiculed for providing subpar results and being no more than a mid-life crisis' snake oil. However, hair restoration-like liposuction-has taken a radical turn in representation with the introduction of one game changing procedure: the FUE Neograft Hair Transplant. Utilizing your own follicles for hair transplant-instead of plugs, or other "fake" solutions-FUE Neograft Hair transplants provide natural and full-looking hair with few side effects. These results have single handedly revolutionized the procedure, and the industry effects are obvious. Dr. Jezic, a Houston area hair transplant surgeon, is one doctor that has begun reaping the benefits of this incredible technology.

"Single follicle hair transplant technology, such as Neograft, has truly revolutionized hair restoration. Many hair transplant candidates that were afraid of "strip surgery" are now flocking to my office!", said Dr. Jezic. He continues, saying "The first time I saw Neograft Hair Transplant performed, I knew it was going to be a game changer. It offers my patients a less invasive procedure for surgical hair restoration".

Why This Matters

It's obvious that new and better results-prompted by an influx in new technology-have made all of these procedures more marketable and more profitable. But, that's not the only factor playing into the increased profitability! With each of the techniques and instruments involved, doctors from across the nation adopted them, performed them, and marketed them to their patients-and the nation at large-making them the primary salesforce, even more-so than the results and technologies themselves!

Truly, it takes a full buy-in from the doctors performing these techniques, as well as the patients themselves; otherwise, none of these procedures take off, and they all stay in the dark ages of ridicule and disappointment. That leads us to three conclusions:

From these conclusions, it's easy to see that technology and results makes the marketing world go round, and nowhere is that more true than in the cosmetic surgery industry!