The Forest Stewardship Council has issued ten times as many business certificates to companies than it did in 2002. This statistic demonstrates that businesses are realizing that they need to be more environmentally conscious than ever before.

Home dcor is changing in line with environmental considerations. One company has realized that and they have recently received the funding they need to make their product a reality. Artis Wall uses reclaimed wood to add both beauty and character to US homes.

It recently placed its fundraising efforts on Kickstarter and it managed to smash its targets with almost a month to go on its proposal. This is an incredible effort and it demonstrates how well people have taken to the idea of using reclaimed wood to create a beautiful home dcor option.

Not only does this represent a brilliant opportunity to change the way your home looks. It represents a major change in the world of business.

Recycling on a Grand Scale

One of the reasons why Artis Wall has managed to smash its fundraising target is because it involves recycling on a huge scale. The company uses genuine reclaimed wood from barns and homesteads all over the US. Instead of allowing the wood to rot into nothingness, the company is going outs of its way to reclaim the wood and change it into something consumers can enjoy in their homes.

Nevertheless, the reason for its success isn't because of how the product looks. It's happened because this is recycling on a grand scale.

Millennials care about the environment than ever before. They are actively choosing who they work with based on their green credentials. It demonstrates a consumer that is smarter and more socially conscious than ever before.

What has this Done to Home Dcor?

Artis Wall uses a patent-pending installation system to make installing its reclaimed wood a task that takes mere minutes to accomplish. Home dcor has changed for the better because of this. But the success of its product has not come about by accident.

This latest innovation has demonstrated that home dcor is all about the values instilled within it. People care about where the material comes from and how their dcor comes together.

Companies like Artis Wall have forced companies to make changes to the way they do things. They are forced to focus on different points when they tell people why they should buy this product or that product.

Why All Companies Should Care about the Environment

Artis Wall has dedicated itself to helping consumers make greener choices. They believe that it's madness to continue cutting down forests when there's plenty of wood waiting to be reclaimed. In addition, it's paid dividends as their target audience has really responded to them.

Corporations need to care more about the environment than ever before. There are lots of good reasons why companies need to think about green issues, and here are some of the main reasons:

It takes time to build up a green portfolio. But it's worth the investment and it will benefit you in the long-term. If you have the resources, it's worth investing in.

Last Word

Artis Wall has done so much to change the way people decorate their homes. Their reclaimed wood solution is helping thousands of tons of wood to be reused for the greater good. On the other hand, they are taking advantage of a change in the market.

The fact is consumers care about green issues and they want the brands they identify with to care about the same things they do. Companies that want to be successful in the modern age have to consider the world they live in and the bigger issues.

Not only will this make it easier to market a brand to the general public, it will make it easier to bring the best people into your company.