As a writer for outlets like Inc., Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, I receive close to 100 pitches from companies a day. And while I can't speak for all writers, the companies that I find most interesting are the ones that are innovating industries and niches that no one would expect. So when I heard about a company innovating the way we play bingo, I had to find out more.

The game bingo has been entertaining people since 1929. As soon as the word 'Bingo' comes to mind, one can easily draw a happy face of an individual with raised hands in jubilation. Fun fact: bingo got popularized by a traveling salesman who adapted it from the game 'Beano' in which beans were used to cover the numbers on the card.

In traditional bingo, the announcer calls out the letter and number combination in an open hall. By filling five consecutive squares on 5-by-5-grid card, the player calls out 'Bingo.' Wink Bingo has created the same magic by taking Bingo to the online platform. Apart from providing the online gaming platform, they educate the readers by their Winkipedia. I interviewed the founders to understand their successful online journey.

Q: What are your strategies are you using to get users on board?

Wink Bingo: It is crucial to grab the attention of first time visitors. Carve simple, short, and effective call to actions buttons. Wink Bingo is a place where participants interact with other new players and understand the working of Wink Bingo for free. Without depositing anything, they have the golden chance to win up to 900 in first three days. It is a win-win situation for them. When members have made the decision of joining the online fun, one more big surprise waits for them impatiently. They get an amazing 250% bingo bonus on their first deposit ranging from 5- 100.

Q: How effective is having a limited time offer?

Wink Bingo: No matter what kind of business a marketer is in, limited time offers generate lots of buzz in the market. When something comes with limited time offer, it becomes more desirable. It brings in more customers through the door. We provide seasonal offers with great benefits to the members. For end month of 2015, we have a special plan for Christmas. With Santa's Grotto, we are offering heaps of prizes and cash worth over 12,000 during 15-25 Dec.

Q: What is the relationship between customer trust and business growth?

Wink Bingo: The business growth is directly proportional to customer trust. It is impossible to succeed without the support of customers. Trust frames the solid foundation of successful business. With trust, you'll have ample opportunities to build long term relationships. Without trust, you can't even stand properly in today's competitive market. When we came up with the idea of making an online platform for bingo users, we made sure to win people's confidence. We have 'winner stories' section where the players tell the significance of cash in their personal life. We allow people to make instant deposits with various online payment instruments. The Government of Gibraltar has provided us license number to offer online gaming services.

Q: How have you taken advantage of the advancements in technology?

Wink Bingo: Today, the people access online information through their smart phones. If you don't believe my words, have a look at the statista report, which reveals that the mobile phone users will reach 5.5 billion by 2017. Google also came with 'Mobile Armageddon' algorithm for making mobile-friendly sites. We started our free mobile iOS and Android apps. Now, people don't need to sit in a confined place for enjoying the game. They are free to take the advantage of the generous bonuses and top-notch gaming software on the go.

Q: What steps have you taken to overcome the negative image of gambling?

Wink Bingo: After having a customer base of 9,00,000 + users, we can now say that we have changed the traditional mindset of the people towards online gaming. We didn't enter the gaming world with the intention of making big bucks. As more people started joining us, we collaborated with them for raising funds for Cancer Research, UK. We have managed to raise 50,000 for the cancer patients. As we encourage responsible gambling, we support GamCare, who provides online support and counseling sessions for problem gamblers.

If you have a company that's disrupting an overlooked market, I'd love to hear from you.