The tech world is about the trending new strategy and how doing things differently can propel a startup to secure a large user base and subsequent funding for the expansion of their core services. While most founder CEOs are focusing on how the public, in general, perceives their product, we have seen a trend of some smaller start-ups take a page from the general rules of doing business since the door-to-door salesmen of the 20th century. We met with one of such CEOs, one working in what looks to be some of the most intense and competitive markets in the world: Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Services.

Meet Udit Goenka, a name you will certainly be hearing about plenty beyond 2016 as his co-founded Power Up Hosting, Inc. is a startup looking to make their mark on the massive consumer Cloud Computing Market by providing customer service oriented products and simplifying what once was a scary and obscure concept turned into the everyday user's dream. Power Up Hosting is a small hosting company based in Los Angeles, CA, which has enjoyed rapid growth in 2015, expanding to New Jersey and recently Dallas, Texas providing a point of presence in each corner of the United States. "We have successfully covered the strategic points of presence in the US, but our goal coming into 2016 is to expand globally, especially in the Asian market." Says Goenka, a young entrepreneur with plenty of exposure to the Asian markets, more specifically, his native India. "It's important to take into account the developing countries. India is special in the fact that it is a developing country, which has a new generation relying heavily on technology. It is important to us as service providers to be ready for this growth spurt in India and the rest of Asia."

So what has triggered the fast growth from 2014 to 2015 at Power Up Hosting? According to their co-founder & CEO, it is their old school approach to a new school business model: "We focus mainly on providing excellent customer service. I don't mean the 'How can I help you?' or 'Have a good day' type of customer experience. We strive to go beyond that, helping customers set up their online presence the right way, with the expertise of our highly trained tech team and the experience of our administrative team," Goenka says. "We spent most of our time in research and development of solutions specifically tailored to our target market, and then trained our staff in the expertise required for those services without raising prices for specialized talent. We wanted this to be a true added value experience for our customers; that is what will set us apart as we grow globally."

The old saying "The customer is always right" might not be for everyone, but for this strong startup, the customer's needs are always the top priority, and that has allowed them to sneak into a market with much bigger players such as Godaddy or HostGator (owned by EIG) whom consumers say, have been lacking in this department. However, Goenka tells us that there are more secrets behind the multi-billion-dollar cloud industry than most day-to-day users know. "The term Cloud and Cloud Computing came about as a way to explain to non-technical users the ability of clustering computers and maximizing computer resources. The problem is that we forget one of the most important aspects, and that is, what is the underlying hardware running this Cloud?" says Goenka. "That is the real question people need to ask, because just like there isn't two identical clouds in the sky, there are no two identical Cloud services online."

To counter this question, Power Up Hosting has partnered with strategic hardware vendors such as Intel, Supermicro and Juniper Networks to bring not only the latest in computing power but an entire ecosystem of hardware that works well together to give a balance of reliability and performance, according to Goenka. "One of the many mistakes I've seen other startups in our industry is trying to save that extra few dollars instead of using enterprise grade hardware and networking equipment. We have made it a mission to probe, test, and research the best combination of hardware for each of our specific target markets. This is the benefit we will bring to the cloud industry when we launch the beta of our cloud panel in the first quarter of 2016."

For very early startups to have these core philosophies is truly commendable. This is why Power Up Hosting will be one to keep an eye on as they aim to close out 2015 with more than double their user base and revenue since 2014 and looking to multiply it after completing global expansions in 2016. This is a classic example o taking an old school approach to fuel fresh ideas and positive thinking. Who knows, maybe the customer is always right after all.