Many consider spam to be just one of the many bumps down the road in the Internet's short history. Essentially all email platforms are setup with automatic spam filters now, and many anti-spam measures have been aimed at reducing it over the years.

But despite all the efforts, 70% of emails are still spam. And this is a big problem, because:

Luckily, solutions are on the horizon. Prominent among them is EveryCloud Tech, an e-mail filtering service startup that's making waves in the tech industry. EveryCloud is already working with more than 2,000 organizations in 13 countries to keep their businesses spam-free. Despite its youth, EveryCloud has filtered an impressive 328 million emails, identifying 133 million spam emails and 2.2 million viruses in the process.

The Impact of Spam on Business Professionals

Spam is often thought of as a nuisance, but in the business world, it can be a lot more than that.

For one, it's a serious hindrance on productivity at every level of a company. According to a report by Webtorials, SMB employees spend 29 minutes per day dealing with unwanted communication, such as spam.

That might not seem like a lot, but it can add up to more than 100 hours of lost productivity annually per employee.

And then there's the problem of virus emails. Viruses are continuing to become more sophisticated -- simply opening an email can be enough for some viruses to infiltrate your computer.

A virus destroying the contents of a single computer is one thing, but what about a network of computers connected on the same server? In this business environment, one email sent to an intern can lead to a virus infiltrating the whole system.

Few business professionals also realize the legal risks of spam in the work environment. If employees receive explicit or pornographic spam messages from a third party, and alert management of the problem, they are legally obligated to take action. If the business doesn't respond with solutions, the employee has grounds to take legal action against them.

Tips For Keeping Your Inbox Spam-Free

Anyone who uses email daily knows that keeping spam out is an ongoing struggle. But there are some tricks you can use to minimize the work:

Avoid giving out your email address.

It's not always possible, but try to stay away from online forums, guest books, or other platforms where your email will be publically displayed.

Disguise online listings of your email address.

Spammers are trolling the Internet looking for emails to spam. If you disguise your listing (for example: yourname(at), it makes it more difficult for spammers to find.

Create a "junk" email address.

To keep your business email spam-free, you can create a second email address to give out instead.

Set up filters.

Most email clients allow you to set up filters on your email to help you organize and prioritize your emails. However this feature can also be used to send certain types of mail directly to the trash folder.

Invest in software.

For some businesses professionals, the risk of spam is too much to rely on simple tricks and tips to tackle it. There are a wide range of anti-spam programs available that can simplify the process for you, and offer a positive return on investment by saving precious working hours fighting unwanted and unsafe emails.

Compatible with Office 365, Google Apps for Work, and Exchange, EveryCloud is specifically designed for business professionals. The system's solutions take the stress out of protecting your business' digital assets -- in addition to email protection, it offers continuity, archiving, and encryption.

EveryCloud works across platforms and devices, successfully blocking 99.99% of spam, viruses and even newsletters if desired. Users can take advantage of spam reports that display a log of inbound and outbound email over the past 90 days. The system also makes it impossible for users to lose emails, and offers unique tools to help with email productivity.

According to the CEO and Co-founder, Graham O'Reilly, "EveryCloud is now an established international brand. This was solidified at the end of last year with the completion of a new distribution partnership in Australia, including plans for the launch of a data centre in the region over the coming months. We therefore now have a strong and rapidly growing presence in the USA, UK & Australasia, plus customers in more than 13 countries. We've always taken pride in our service and product, so it's been fantastic to see this quantified through EveryCloud becoming the Highest Rated Hosted Spam Filtering Vendor on (a community of 6 million IT Professionals), achieved through genuine reviews from our wonderful customers."

When it comes to spam filtering services, EveryCloud seems to be poised at the top of the industry. Graham added, "The future looks strong. As we execute on our goal of becoming the best global email security provider, you'll see us get even better at combining service, product and online experience, to give customers total control with unrivalled email security."