Except for the superhuman, few of us are able to achieve our ultimate fitness goals while working on our startup.

But with a few lifestyle changes, you can have both a healthy body and a great business.

To come up with a plan, I spoke with fitness expert and entrepreneur Mike Chang from Afterburnfuel.com. Millions have seen Mike's videos on reaching your fitness goals while being efficient with your time. 

Here's his advice on developing the three habits every entrepreneur needs for a healthier lifestyle:

1. Excercise

This is the most important habit you can start developing to build a healthier lifestyle. Because you don't have enough time for your startup as it is, Mike has developed a workout plan you can do in 10 minutes.

A) Try not to use machines when possible. You'll burn more calories doing free-weight or body-weight lifts.

B) Focus on compound lifts. Squats are among the best exercises to burn calories, as are deadlifts. Avoid the temptation to focus on a single muscle like the abdominals in your workouts. Instead, try getting in whole-body workouts to maximize the lean muscle tissue your body will build.

C) Do workouts of as many reps as possible for 30 seconds, then take 30 seconds off. Repeat this for 10 minutes and you'll feel like you've been working out for hours. A great way to test this is doing it with burpees.

2. Diet

When you start working out a couple times a week, you'll find yourself trying to eat healthier because you won't want to waste the work you've put in exercising. To maintain a clean diet, Mike recommends doing the following:

A) Cook all your meals at once.

The hardest part about eating healthy is the time it takes to cook healthy meals. For optimal efficiency, cook all your food on Sunday and then store it in Tupperware containers. This way, you don't have to think about what to eat every time you come home. Also, you'll be less inclined to stop by fast food joints on the way back from the office because you'll have the food you need ready to go.

B) Eat clean meals.

The meals you make should comprise a protein, vegetables, and either a healthy fat or carb. Great proteins include chicken, salmon, and eggs. For vegetables, spinach and broccoli are two wonderful options. Healthy fat examples include avocados, almonds, and olive oil. Finally, optimal carbs are brown rice and quinoa. If you're working out more than four times a week, use carbs. If you aren't working out often, stick with the healthy fats.

C) Control your portions.

Don't overthink the number of times you should be eating in a day. When people force themselves to eat every three hours, they end up overeating, thinking that they're being healthy. Instead, eat when you get hungry but focus on your portion size. Each meal should be the size of a fist to a fist and a half. Eating healthy is great, but eating too much will prevent you from reaching your goals.

3. Sleep

I was surprised when Mike told me that sleep is just as essential as diet and exercise for entrepreneurs wanting to get in shape. Most entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice sleep when building their business. It's important to remember that it's during sleep that your body recovers and can take advantage of your workouts.

To ensure you are getting enough quality sleep, don't work from your bedroom. Work at the office, read on the couch, and use your bed just for sleep. Also, turn your phone to silent when you go to bed. Getting text messages in the middle of the night not only irritates you, it also affects the quality of rest your body is getting. Finally, make sure you sleep at least seven hours a night. Your mind and your body will thank you the next day.

Published on: Sep 15, 2014