When business owners start trying to market online, many think a few tweets will build a loyal following. Unfortunately, according to marketing specialist Aaron Agius, to see results you need a strategy. Agius is the general manager for Louder Online. He's a specialist in content, search, and social media.

I sat down with Agius to learn the best ways for business owners to build their companies' online presence. Fortunately, Agius highlighted only the best places to be effective that won't consume all your time. If you're new to digital marketing, start making these changes today. A few simple steps will lead to huge strides in your company's internet footprint.

Create a blog and keep it simple

Everyone is getting into blogging these days. And while there are many benefits for having a company blog, it's important that you go about writing it the right way. Many startups start with blogging for a few weeks, and then they forget about it and move on. In other cases, blogs don't see much traction in the beginning, and the team gets discouraged. After a few posts and no readers, the company ditches the blog.

To prevent this, Agius advises starting simple but having meaningful content. Begin by answering your customers' questions. What are your buyers always asking you? Is there something that your prospects are really passionate about? While you may think it is interesting to promote your company, the key is providing content that is valuable to clients.

Another great topic to focus on is broad problems in your industry. Dig deep into the problem you're solving and how it's going to change the industry as a whole. Even if you write only a few posts about your industry in general, those blogs will help build your company's brand as a market leader. Don't worry if you can't come up with this content early on. Just keep in mind that it takes time to get followers for your blog, so keep it simple at first to get initial traction. Eventually, blogging will become a habit and one of the best ways for you to get customers.

Know all the social networks, but use only a few of them

It's important that you take time to understand where your prospects are online. Is your target demographic going to be on Facebook or LinkedIn, or something else? With all the social networks out there, it's nearly impossible to have a presence on them all. That said, to figure out which platforms to use you need to make profiles on a bunch of different social networks. Based on how people start interacting with you, you may find that a niche platform gives you the ability to own a traction channel.

Avoid the Google penalty at all costs

Agius says getting a restriction from Google is one of the worst things that can happen to a business. This is usually done because companies use low value or spammy link-building to boost rankings. The end goal is that they will be able to get the first spot on Google search, but many times things don't go as planned. There are so many ways to improve digital marketing, and Agius suggests that trying to trick Google is not worth the risk.

Instead, focus more time on creating quality content. Startups looking to boost their online presence need to step away from trying to get as much material out as possible. Focus on high-quality content that your customers and other followers find useful. It is from great posts that you'll see your online followers growing. When you put out mediocre content, you'll get mediocre results.