The key to sales is consistency. Like almost everything else in life, not being able to stay the course is one of the main reasons we don't hit our goals. This is seen in fitness, education, and business. We start off motivated for the first few days, and then we gradually lose the energy we once had. Before we know it, we've given up. It's just another dream that we won't achieve. From being shut down by 850 clients before landing one, I've learned the importance of being persistent. Not just in my sales techniques but also in my regimen everyday.

The first step is to develop a mindset that you're going to create the day, not let the day create you. You have to wake up and decide to dominate sales that day for the next 24 hours. This is tough at times, especially when you have no momentum. The best way to go about it is to have a strict schedule to follow. Many times, emotions just get in the way of what we know we are supposed to do. We're sure that the right thing is to call that client, yet our emotions make us worry and we make an excuse. Take your negative feelings outside of the equation by having a strict schedule from when you wake up. Below, I've posted a few guidelines to follow. Incorporate these sales habits in your schedule for a couple of months, and you'll become a new salesman entirely.

1. Get Up Early And Workout

Wake up and meditate for ten to twenty minutes. It'll clear your mind and have you in a great state of mind to take on the day. Too many people rush out of bed without thinking and then feel rushed the rest of day. Instead, wake up slowly and get yourself ready to take on the day ahead.

After you meditate, go over the goals for the day. You should always try to have some hard metric that you can achieve in the next 24 hours.

Finally, hit the gym. Working out in the morning is easier than after a long day in the office. Studies also show that when you workout, your brain can think better the rest of the day. Get a sweat in early and you'll feel energized for the meetings ahead.

2. Follow up with clients as soon as you get to the office.

Get in the office and try to have as many meetings lined up and ready to go. If your clients don't get to the office until 9am like mine do, take this time to map out who you need to contact that day.

This is also a great time to check on the emails and calls you sent out last week. If possible, try getting a lunch scheduled for 12pm unless you already have it filled. Everyone has to eat, and eating along is never helpful to a seller.

Finally, if you're in a position to do so, use this time to have a short meeting with your sales team. I try to check in with my team and review short term goals that we have for the day. It's also a great time for you to get everyone energized and on the same page.

3. Have lunches with clients.

Go out to lunch with a client. The only excuse not to be with a buyer is if you are in a sales meeting with a customer. Regardless, you should always be talking to a prospect during lunch hours.

4. Don't stay up past bedtime

You need to be getting seven to eight hours of sleep to perform at your best. If someone is telling you different, they are either a superhuman or a liar. Most times, after dinner we are incredibly unproductive. We turn to things like the TV or surf the web because we don't want to sleep. Trust me, this is where the consistency will come in. The friends I've had who were the most inconsistent sacrificed sleep to be more productive. Overtime this deteriorated their motivation and they crashed. Get to bed around 11pm and set yourself up for another sales day success.

Published on: Jan 1, 2015