Social media are tools that help small business owners attract potential customers, release information or promotions, engage with existing customers, and market your company. A great number of your potential customers (about 50%) will first search for a product on social media before they buy it.

Around 90% of the American youth uses social media, leaving no reason why you should neglect it. Not all sites are created equal. To be effective, you want to choose the right site for your business. You want to master those specifics instead of trying to do a little bit on every site. That is both time-consuming and ineffective.

If you want to promote your interior design business, you should select the sites that would be beneficial. As a chief executive officer of a company that partners with many interior designers, I can provide you the tips that will make your business the most successful. Let's look at these tips that I recommend.

Target sites with pictures
Share your videos
Get on Facebook
Hold contests
Create visual ads

"When I have used these strategies, I noticed an increase in traffic to my site. I then turned these visitors into customers," said the CEO. "You need to master social media marketing if you are to increase your sales."

Statistics show that social media and an Internet presence can increase your business. Look at these numbers:

When you embrace social media, you are more likely to reach the people you want who will request your services.