Traveling the world as a business owner often means added stress as the company is mainly in the hands of your management staff. It is important to have the necessary staff in place that can handle any situation so that you can enjoy yourself and just check-in with them a few times a day. There are some business dealings that you will have to deal with personally, but you should be able to fit them in without an issue.

Use VoIP Connections as Much as Possible

VoIP services, such as Skype and GoToMeeting, are ideal resources for business owners to use to connect with their employees while traveling. This is also an ideal option for maintaining scheduled conferences and working with vendors or high-profile clients. The only thing you will have to worry about is the time difference and adjusting your sleep schedule appropriately.

The benefit of VoIP services is that many allow for screen sharing. Screen sharing is important because it allows a connection on the other end to show you exactly what items they are referring to so that a situation can be handled immediately.

Rent Furnished Executive Living Spaces

As you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in different areas of the world, you are likely to worry about lugging all of your possessions along with you. Live a minimalistic lifestyle and rent furnished executive living spaces instead. There are some items, however, that you will take with you from place to place. Using a global moving service to ensure the safe delivery of important belongings is the best option.

Rather than spending ridiculous amounts of money furnishing each new temporary residence, take the items that mean the most to your quality of life with you. This would be items like your bed, a favorite sitting hair, a family dining table or other pieces of furniture that will make you feel comfortable in any space. Sleeping in your own bed helps you keep your mind and body relaxed.

Rent an apartment or home rather than taking up temporary residency in a hotel. It is estimated that traveling business owners throw away roughly $1.8 million dollars per year on hotel stays rather than renting executive accommodations.

Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

A personal virtual assistant should know your schedule better than their own. This individual should be flexible so that he or she is available during business hours no matter where you are in the world. The virtual assistant should help you stay on top of important business meetings, scheduled events and even scheduling personal time.

A skilled VA should be able to handle everyday tasks such as social media promotion, scheduling content and communicating directly with your management staff. The tasks that your virtual assistant will do vary depending on the industry that your business is in and how much you can handle on your own. For some business owners, a virtual assistant is used only for keeping them on schedule.

Use a Cloud System

Cloud networks allow all employees of a business to have access to necessary files in one location. This helps a business improve its overall efficiency and reduces the use of paper. Efficiency, productivity and a cohesive staff are important elements to running a business as you travel the world. With access to a cloud network, there will be less time spent looking for files and programs as they will all be conveniently located in one secure online location.

Have a Local Representative Available in Each Location

Having a local representative in each global location you will be in is crucial for communicating with local clients. If you have not learned the languages of the world, someone will need to help you communicate. This representative can work directly with you in client relations and should be made aware that the position is only temporary. A local, International representative is ideal for businesses that work in a global distribution industry.

If you are lucky enough to find a multi-lingual representative, they may be available to travel to multiple destinations with you. This helps build a strong working relationship and helps keep global connections strong to improve your business' goal meeting practices.


Businesses can thrive as the owner travels. Whether you are traveling to expand your business or to enjoy life, having the right individuals in place will remove some of your worry. Having confidence in your staff is a must, along with finding individuals that can be flexible to deal with the multiple time differences. If all of your affairs in order, it will be business as usual.