You already know that podcasting can help you get customers. Studies say that 17 percent of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month. The main rule of Podcasting 101 is to make a great podcast. There are no clever marketing tips and no shortcuts. Unless you can create a quality product, you are not going to land the customers you want.

This guide is going to teach you all about using podcasting to your advantage when it comes to grabbing customers.

Create a Theme and Format

To start your own podcast, you should settle on the theme and format. The theme is your subject matter and should be as laser targeted as possible. Never try to target a broad subject or you are not going to have the details your target audience is looking for. Over time, you can expand as your business expands.

The format of your podcast involves looking at things like the length of the episodes and how much of it is going to be scripted. Finding the format that suits your customers is about knowing your audience and figuring out what your customers are listening to already.

Gain inspiration from your competitors and then do it better.

The Equipment

The average customer has become extremely picky about the content they indulge in these days. They are not going to listen to something of inferior quality. You can't always control what they are going to like, but one thing you can control is your gear.

If your voice is cracking because of a bad microphone, or your editing equipment can't eliminate that background noise, it's going to degrade the quality of every podcast you produce. Furthermore, you are turning off much of your target audience.

The equipment you use should only be the very best. If you don't have the best podcasting equipment, it's better not to hurt the reputation of your company.

Interview Your Ideal Prospects

One great way to use podcasting to attract your perfect customer is to interview an ideal prospect. It doesn't have to be a big name. It can be anyone who has an interest in your product.

For example, someone in the B2B marketing world may interview a local business that has already used your products and services. Now you are producing an unbiased client testimonial. Customers who are listening to this podcast may decide to give you a try based on this.

There's no word more valid than someone who has already used what you are selling. It also adds a different perspective to proceedings, so you can freshen things up.

Appear on Other Podcasts

The only downside to creating your own podcast is that you are only going to be hitting your current audience. It's not necessarily easy for the average company to reach people they have never interacted with before. The way you get around this is to create partnerships with other podcasts.

By appearing on other podcasts as a guest, you can reach an entirely new audience that has never heard of you before. In return, the other podcast host could appear on your podcast. By creating strong business relationships like this, you can get a lot out of podcasting.

So How Do You Actually Land Customers?

It goes without saying that one thing you should never do is adopt the hard sell. Most people won't pay any attention to a hard sell. Instead, you have to convince people to check out your company and discover what you have to offer by themselves.

Think about your podcast not as a separate entity but as part of your sales funnel. Whenever you produce a podcast script, consider what is going to happen next. There's little point in producing a podcast if you are not leading customers anywhere afterwards.

Some ideas for where a podcast can lead to include, another podcast, a video, or a product page. Play around with this and see what happens.

Last Word--Making this Work

Most podcasts will get an extremely small audience, particularly at the start. Company podcasts can be notoriously dry, so you have to go out of your way to make it interesting. Concentrate not on bringing a broad audience but on creating a small base of loyal customers.

Over time you will steadily start to gain a following. Podcasting is just another form of content marketing, so expect to bring in people from your other pieces of content too.

How will you use podcasting to land customers?