Mistakes in business should never be viewed in isolation. One mistake in one department can damage everything that another department is doing. That's why the importance of a fully integrated organizational structure can't be underemphasized.

This guide is going to show you how some key mistakes can render your ability to market your brand impossible. Go out of your way to avoid them in the first place because the best cure is prevention.

Personal and Financial Data Loss

You have a duty to your customers to keep data safe. If that data goes missing or a hacker gets in, it's easy to close up the hole and try to continue as normal. But laws state that you are legally responsible for the data you are holding on behalf of customers.

If someone manages to commit financial fraud due to data stolen from your company, you could be opening yourself up to expensive lawsuits.

On the other hand, your brand will be damaged for a long time to come. You will find it difficult to have people trust you. They don't know whether you can truly keep their data safe from harm.

A Bad Interaction with a Customer

Every organization has the grumpy customer or the customer who is mistaken but simply refuses to listen. In days gone by, this didn't matter because you could usually chalk it up to experience and go on with your business. Today, that is no longer possible. People talk and it's easier than ever to allow a bad opinion to spread to others.

You need to protect your online reputation. It's important to such an extent that a single bad interaction can make you famous. All you need is someone with a lot of friends to have a bad experience and any boasts you make about customer service are automatically invalid.

But what can you do about this?

There's nothing you can do to stop the occasional bad interaction, but you can reduce the likelihood of it happening through making sure that you have a strong online brand. Use content marketing and social media to force negative results down the Google search indexes. Also, just do your best to resolve customer issues to begin with.

Not Having a Purpose

The next generation of consumers is choosing who to buy from not based on price but on what the company is doing. It's why corporate philanthropy has become so prominent in recent years. Companies know that they have to have a business orientated towards doing what's best for the wider world.

If you don't yet have a purpose, you are making a mistake. Not only are you potentially making it harder to attract and retain the best talent, you are giving a marketing edge to your competitors. Philanthropy in business is as much about helping a good cause as it is about providing yourself with content to market your brand with.

Failing to Push for Reviews

Buy anything from a retailer like Amazon and a few days later you will receive something in your inbox asking you what you thought about the product. This is common practice from big retailers, and it should be something that you are applying to your business.

It's how you can begin pushing for word of mouth marketing. When 92% of people believe family and friends over all advertising, social proof is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

After every purchase, you should be sending an email asking people to give you a review. They may not respond to it, but your chances rapidly increase with a single email. Explain how important a review is and how they are helping you.

Do You Know Your Perfect Customer?

The concept of a perfect customer is one that has long existed. The way that image is compiled has changed over time. Your perfect customer is someone whom you make through data. You have to look at previous numbers from social media and your website and come up with a way of picking out the numbers that matter.

Data has become more important than ever before, yet there are so many businesses that yet have yet to adopt this approach.

If you are not using effective data, how are you going to make sure that you are marketing to the right people?

Conclusion--Marketing is a Full Company Activity

Marketing is not a matter for the marketing team. Your marketing efforts should be integrated across the entire company as part of a grand marketing strategy. You need to think about how your organization's wider activities are having an effect on your promotional efforts.