Gold is the investment that people are more confused about than any other. Sometimes it's collapsing and sometimes it's booming. People are left wondering whether this is really an investment that's worth adding to their portfolios.

This guide is going to answer all your questions in this respect.

Investing in Gold is Worth It, and Here's Why

Gold is an interesting type of investment because there are a number of factors that come into play. And many of these factors are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

"Gold prices recently climbed above $1300 an ounce, its highest price since January 2015, and silver prices have soared roughly 27% since the start of 2016, based on a combination of factors, including fears of a recession, political uncertainty and a weakening in the U.S. dollar," according to Anthony Allen Anderson, Senior Partner of GSI Exchange."

These factors all come together to make gold a worthwhile investment. Ignoring the high price of gold right now, the fact is that this happens all the time. Imagine if you bought low and you could now take advantage of these high prices.

The Safety Net

Paper currency is only ever really worth as much as the government says at any point. Gold has an intrinsic value to it because it's something you can touch and hold. There's a specific weight and it's always going to be used for something.

This has historically acted as a safety net when paper currency is down. Even though gold prices can collapse during times of prosperity, it always has some value. Paper currency, on the other hand, can crash and it can't ever recover, thus rendering everything you have to be worthless.

The Year 2016 is the Time

In 2016, there has never been a better time to invest in gold. Paper currency is preparing to take some massive hits this year. This is all due to political and economic instability. Here are a number of issues that are going to see gold prices rise and paper currency decline.

The US Elections - The risks regarding Trump and Clinton are going to scare investors, and this is going to force them towards gold, at least until the results of the election are over.

The British EU Referendum - A major building block of the European Union could be eliminated if the results of the British referendum go the wrong way. It will cause huge implications for not just the European economy but the world economy, including a loss of 250 billion in export.

Economic Stagnancy--The US and Europe are experiencing restricted growth this year. There are no signs that the nations of the world are going to get out of this rut anytime soon. Politicians are failing to answer major economic questions.

Why the US Dollar is in Decline

The US dollar is the main currency regarding gold because all gold sales in the world are calculated in US dollars. The US dollar is weakening for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the risk of a Trump presidency. Many businesses are threatening to pull out and there's a very real risk that huge changes to the status quo will disrupt the economy for years to come.

Around the world, the US dollar is halting because although the Eurozone has yet to experience significant growth it has returned to pre-recession levels.

Is a Recession in the US Likely?

As already mentioned towards the beginning of this article, it's possible that a recession will happen in the US. The economy hasn't grown according to expected figures, and employment numbers haven't improved how they should.

Furthermore, employment numbers have been artificially inflated due to temporary work programs, or people dropping out of the workforce entirely.

So is it Time to Invest in Gold?

With troubled waters ahead for both the US economy and the world economy, this is the time to invest in gold. All experts point towards gold prices continuing to increase. How much they'll increase remains to be unknown, though.

It's wise to invest in gold, at least to some extent. Build a solid platform based on gold and you will be protected against the worst of the decline of paper currency, should it be more profound than expected.

Will you invest in gold today?