For non-technical people who want to turn their ideas into products, life can be difficult. You might have the idea, business model, revenue model, design, and customers that outline a lucrative new product, but without the software built in, you won't ever be able to see your vision come to life. Even when co-founders try to outsource the development--there is some times a disconnect between what the co-founders intend and what the outsourcing team produces. This disconnect can be the difference of product appearance, functionality, and punctuality, and can be the difference of success or failure for the co-founders. Now, for the first time ever, a new tool is enabling non-technical co-founders build software on their own. This new technology signifies a huge shift in helping non-technical co-founders create software. "Make an app as easy as pie," rings the new motto of Appy Pie, an innovative cloud-technology company. Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud-based Do-It-Yourself Mobile App Creation Software, and enables users (who have no technical background or programming abilities,) to create apps. Here are three things that really stand out about the new platform.

1. Little Time Required

In just ten minutes, this new platform can turn you from a dreamer into a game developer. In staying consistent with their mission, Appy Pie enables users to create apps without the hassle of having to download or install any additional software. It gives them the ability to post unlimited app revisions that are updated in real time, and send unlimited push notifications.Appy Pie uses its Game Builder tool to enable users to design and innovate a mobile game from both Android and iOS usage. Once it's complete, Appy Pie will help you upload it to the App Store and Google Play store where you can share it with your friends.While Appy Pie itself may not be able to create all of the hardware and software that co-founders wish to produce, it can lead them in a direction of being able to synthesize their own technology from scratch. In doing so, Appy Pie opens a door to software creation which helps create a shift for many to start building software.

2. Ease of Creation

Currently, several hundred games are in production from Appy Pie. From sports games, to tic-tac-toe, to games like Flappy Bird, Appy Pie gives its users autonomy and flexibility to harness their creativity in making new games. The best part is that it couldn't be easier, In addition to the six gameplay mechanics and features to choose from, the Game Builder also enables users to upload their own artistic creations and designs.

Appy Pie Founder, Abhinav Girdhar, has stated Appy Pie's goal of making "The entire app creation process effortless and enjoyable, where anyone can create a mobile app in three easy steps." His platform, which is the world's first cloud-based mobile game creator, incorporates HTML5 and coding technology to bring ideas to life. The entrepreneur hopes to encourage people to build software, and to show them how fun and easy it can be to release a software product.

3. Gateway to New Developments

Part of the appeal of Appy Pie is that it is a gateway for want-to-be developers who want to get their feet wet. It enables people to get taste for app building, so that they can discover careers in software. How does it really work? Appy Pie's creation process is based on three simple steps: selecting category, building app, and publishing. The program is very versatile, with its most popular categories including business, church, restaurant, real estate, radio, and veterinary. What is also very enticing is Appy Pie's post-publishing features. Builders of the Appy Pie apps will have access to a full set of analytics, to enable them to monitor user interactions and gauge the usage and interactions on the platform.

Appy Pie truly strives to put the power in the user's hands by enabling its users to add monetization components to their products. User's can make money through their apps by utilizing the platform's dynamic monetization components, which conveniently monetize the apps with features like ads and rewards.

Once their product is complete, users are able to share their creation on the app store and from their mobile phone. Whether the user wants to make an app to increase customers at their restaurant, re-engage their community at church, or simply make a fun game for their friends to try out, Appy Pie can bring these hopes to life in a matter of minutes.