Anytime you need to give a PowerPoint presentation, you'll want to be sure that you are keeping your audience interested and engaged. This requires more than just showing slides on a screen and reading text aloud. In fact, relying on such a strategy will more than likely leave your viewers focused on their next coffee break or a dozen tasks they could be taking care of. Instead of offering a presentation that no one will remember an hour after it's done, you may want to consider an alternative to the same old routine: embedding live web content into your PowerPoint presentations.

If you aren't yet familiar with this concept, you may find it useful to explore the possibilities it offers. Embedding live web content in your PowerPoint presentation offers you a chance to create a message that will get noticed and be remembered. When you do this via a simple add-in that is easy to download, such as LiveSlides, you will discover that embedding live content is an indispensable strategy. The following are a few of the top reasons for employing this technique in your next presentation.

Using Live Web Content Affords You More Creative Freedom

If you've even struggled once with how to make a PowerPoint presentation exciting, then you are aware of the challenges faced by anyone who must create such a demonstration. Countless individuals have viewed a great number of these digital displays, so making your presentation as compelling as possible should be a top priority. When you have so much live content on YouTube available, you will never run out of ways to make your presentations interesting. This also means you can have some fun when constructing your presentations--and when you have fun making them, your viewers will be more likely to enjoy watching them.

You Can Give Your Audience a Break

Embedding live web content enables you to give your audience a quick mental break from the rest of your presentation. Research has indicated that the average adult attention span begins to wane after about 20 minutes. Therefore, every 20 minutes during your digital demonstration, you can take advantage of the opportunity to add something that will grab the attention of your audience. This might be live content that is amusing and has nothing to do with the topic you are discussing. Such a diversion may be just what your viewers need to refresh their minds and become focused again on your PowerPoint presentation.

Live Content May Relate to Your Topic

In addition to incorporating live web content that creates a welcome diversion for your audience, you might also embed content that supports the main points that you are trying to express. This can be especially useful when you are discussing a subject that your audience knows well. Instead of trying to make your points solely with the slides themselves, you now have more lively material to backup your message. You can find a seemingly endless assortment of videos on YouTube--and many of these may relate to the subject of your demonstration. Using this type of content to support the theme of a PowerPoint presentation will give you a much larger pool from which to draw.

Keeping People Engaged Makes Your Presentation Memorable

When you embed live web content in your presentations, they will be more interesting, meaningful and memorable to your audience. An engaging presentation is one that will be remembered. Your viewers will not only remember the live content that sparked their interest--after your meeting, they may be more likely to think about all of the information presented in your slides.

Creating an unforgettable PowerPoint presentation does not need to be an overwhelming task. You can utilize certain tools to embed live web content seamlessly into your slides. After you have tried this once, you will see how easy the process is--and you and your audience will reap the benefits of this innovative strategy for devising noteworthy PowerPoint presentations.