Messaging market is growing fast and is overtaking social networks to become the dominates platforms on all smartphone devices. The latest app that is launching into this space is AppU2, a Silicon Valley based tech start-up that describes itself as a smart messaging service for every desire.

For nearly a year the AppU2 team was hard at work developing a revolutionary new mobile messaging app. The team moved from the UK, and located themselves in the Silicon Valley area, and have already closed their first rounds of funding. To find out more, I spoke to Maxwell Fahandezh Co-founder and CEO of AppU2.

Q1: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me about AppU2 smart messenger. For the benefit of the readers, could you please tell us more about AppU2 and its services?

Sure, AppU2 is a multi-purpose, smart social messaging app that allows personalized real-time messaging according to the users category and interests. The proprietary enables its users to create and publish messaging profiles which may focus on individuals, talent, brands, local businesses, enterprise and celebrities to allow direct connection, powerful automations and superfast communication, as well as being extremely fast, simple, highly secured, personal and fun for friends and loved ones to stay in touch.

AppU2 messenger is a "Master App" that has the ability to be transformed based on user's mood and interests, and can handle messaging for every desire.

Q2: Excellent, how would a smart messenger helps people, local businesses and brands?

AppU2 helps its users to build and maintain deeper engagement and better connectivity. It was built and designed to enable people to create, communicate, chat, share, work, earn, recommend and discover the world through content and messages on mobile devices more intelligently.

Messaging is faster, it is cleaner, more engaging, more fun and ad-free, we strive to offer our users, including local businesses and brands with the most up to date messaging facilities that is combined with logistics and discovery services which they can use to their advantage in order to conduct business in a fast, easy and proficient manner. The app enables local businesses and brands to provide real-time customer support to individuals, B to C instant messaging, live product, offer and service recommendation functions, recruiting, transparency and automations. In this digital age, more and more relations and business are accomplished in cyberspace via the smartphone. People that are users of superior apps will lead the way and stay a step ahead in innovative mobile communication.

People needed a solution from having to bounce around from one app to another. The solution is AppU2 with its myriad capabilities. Decisions are made on the go, from anywhere, and the user needs to have a "Master App" at his or her disposal to be a more effective thinker and doer.

Q3: What are the advantages of this messaging service compare to social media today?

I said that time to time, "if your solution for monetization is advert, you are living in 90's". When ad is involved users are not happy, and if it is social, what adverts are doing up there? So social media isn't really social, it's just disguising the uncool ad selling commercial platform by converting users to product, using social tools and tactics.

Here's the problem, social networks are rampant with content that we don't care about, and sadly, "Likes & Follows" are more of a curtsey than a serious engagement. We become mired down in a maze of abstract content. In an ideal world, all brands would love to believe that a consumer's' 'like' really means something, but they are, unfortunately, of no real commercial value.

For many years individuals, businesses and brands wasted huge amount of money and time paying for adverts, gain more followers or spent a lot of cash on midle companies such as SEO service providers, leads generators or social media management softwares. Marketers create cost for brands and businesses through social media with the mission to collect followers rather than focusing on connecting followers.

This is not going to be the case with new messaging services such as AppU2, user is completely equipped and empowered to handle their connectivity and visibility on mobile in a new fashion. We believe in empowering people and equipping them in the best and most useful way possible.

Q4: How do you deal with the privacy issues ? What are some of the solutions this messenger will offer towards protecting the privacy of user data?

Privacy and security is very important to us, these are some of the problems that we've always wanted to solve, and we finally did. AppU2 helps its users to join a complete, multi-purpose social messaging service within a few seconds and without collecting nonsensical extra data bits. App users are impatient, and won't tolerate lengthy sign-up forms that consume their time filling out useless information. With AppU2 there is no Signup, no Subscriptions, no Wasted Time and no privacy issues.

Users from any category can securely access this service within a few seconds, as Appu2 uses a simple, secure and quick method for any type of user to join the service. Collecting "minimum data" and providing "maximum services" on mobile makes AppU2 unique and as a result, user's interest, security, time and privacy is very much respected. In other hand, we have implemented useful privacy settings and control systems that can be customized by the users, as they wish.

Q5: What is the scale of the project ? What are you most proud of ?

It is an ultra-large-scale application and an ambitious business project. We are currently in stealth mode but the product has been released to number of individuals, groups of young employees and students, under a RC beta.

The team and the project's results are what I am proud of the most, I am very lucky to be working with highly talented people, a team of "everything is possible" . I am also very proud that we are going to allow millions of people to be part of this, enabling users to be part of a workgroup, help local businesses to work with local people or with the other users being anywhere on the globe. It means the instant ability to conduct business and make immediate important decisions. Now it is easy to open up other income streams that can be controlled via "AppU2″. The benefits of AppU2 will be national in scope because we are going to help millions of citizens, individuals and businesses to earn more income and benefits through a smart logistics strategy on mobile, this is an area of substantial intrinsic merit because by its nature, it is going to help people to have more opportunities in earning more incomes and it will propel them to the highest strata of society.

Published on: Feb 10, 2016