With ever-changing technologies, marketing strategies are taking a drastic turn day by day. In today's competitive startup ecosystem, marketers must adapt themselves to all these changes. By not being adaptable, your brand will dissolve in front of your eyes. To stay relevant in most industries, nowadays you have to double down on research and development. Adjusting to new technologies is no longer an advantage; it's a necessity to stay in business.

One of the ways organizations can solve this problem is by hiring forward thinkers to run their marketing departments.

So what is the best way to go about this?

Some prefer to take a traditional route by selecting candidates with lots of experience. Their solid resume speaks volumes about their capabilities and strengths. Some prefer to take an unorthodox route by selecting a raw bunch of enthusiastic people.

While selecting the right team members can be tough, a little prep work can go a long way in making the process easier. Here are 3 things you should keep in mind when hiring and forming your marketing team.

1. Have a strong purpose

Before starting the hiring process, always have a goal in your mind. If you are not clear with your vision, how can you expect to choose a set of great employees? By having an end vision of your marketing team in mind, the hiring process becomes easy.

When you set your goals up before starting interviews, you can eliminate a lot of tough decisions because you already know the kind of candidate you're looking for. When you write down the qualities of the ideal candidate, it narrows your selection in a good way. This allows the hiring process to be both smoother and more efficient.

2. Hire a consumer-loving team

For most companies, the marketing and sales team both put in a lot of effort attracting clients. With that said, a great marketing team will not only cares about sales, but will put customer retention as a priority as well. To find these people, look for candidates who you think would also make great customer service reps. Would you bring this person so a client meeting? The answer to this question should be yes as you build your marketing department.

One company who does this extremely well is Casino Room. A gambling company that has huge jackpots requiring year round marketing to make the company successful conducts an in-depth survey of the existing customers and then shares this data with their marketing team. This let's the marketing team know who its customers are and what they care about, giving people who never meet the customer an idea of their end user. One way to take this a step further is having your marketing team take customer service calls early on. Zappos is famous for doing this as part of their onboarding process for new hires. When done properly, the entire company will begin to understand the importance of customer service.

3. Hire for a variety of opinions

When I think about hiring the right marketing team, I can't help but think about the Fantastic 4. While individually they would fail to take down the evil villains they constantly face, together they work as an amazing unit because they utilize each other's skills.

When you start the planning process of who to bring on your marketing team, the best mix will be a variety of different skill sets. Depending on the company, you may need to have a mix of both traditional strategies and growth hacking strategies. When we talk about innovation in the marketing industry, it's important to note that many companies have still found success using old methods such as billboards and radio ads. With that said, the best marketing teams know that it takes many small experiments before you find that traction channel that strikes gold. And to find that marketing channel, it helps to have a wide variety of skill sets on the team.