There is nothing quite like the feeling of victory. When we win at something, our body shoots us with dopamine. Boom, we feel like we can conquer the world. This is the feeling that can be dangerous, but it also has the ability to produce greatness.

The feeling that dopamine gives us makes us want it more, and it is part of the reason we want to win so bad. One of the ways to use this as motivation is when you're selling. To be able to sell, you have to be able to harness energy from the early wins that you get. This is especially true as you're first starting your business. When you don't have an established company, there is no proof your idea will work. People will doubt you, and customers will be too scared to take the initial risk. The way you have to motivate yourself is to keep pushing and harness energy from your early wins. Here are some good ways to keep you motivated:

1. Take time to learn from your wins

Many people only take time to learn from failure. While this is important, you arguably can learn more from your wins. Knowing and studying how you won is important so you can repeat the process. The other advantage is that the more you replay the win in your head the more positive thoughts that will go through your mind. This will give you confidence and also allow you to catch the key phrases that put the sale in your favor. Learn how to win by studying your victories. Moving on without taking time to review will teach you nothing.

2. Remember to celebrate

Working like a machine without taking a break is not sustainable. At some point, you'll burn out. This is why I am such a huge proponent of getting proper sleep and exercising. The people who tell me they work eighteen hours a day are the ones that I usually don't hire. Besides being unproductive, by trying to work too hard you don't give yourself time to celebrate.

When you score a victory for your team, such as landing a customer, you should enjoy it. Many times, our company goes out for happy hours after big sales days. We have fun and the celebrations are ways to motivate the team to keep getting achievements.

3. Remember your triumphs before sales meetings

Whenever I go into a client meeting and there's a lot on the line, I always replay the times where I had a big sales win. This motivates me and gives me the confidence I need going in. In sales, a lot boils down to your state of mind and how you come off to the prospect. When you feel shy and insecure, so will the buyer. Remembering that you've come through in the past will go a long way in getting you in the right state of mind.

4. Share your achievements with the team

Make sure you share your big wins with the team. You want to be able to give the credit to other members of your organization so they take pride in the victory themselves. No matter the company, a sales triumph is never a one-person job. Someone had to make the product your selling. If you did both, who introduced you to the client? Did someone do a good job on the paperwork? When you look hard enough you'll be able to find someone to give the credit too. Once you do that, you'll gain your team's support and will become a better leader.