Nextiva is a company that takes pride in being able to offer its customers excellent levels of customer service. It operates in the cloud computing industry, which has been growing at an incredible rate in recent years. The problem is that, for many companies, pairing this with great customer service has been a challenge.

The company recently won big at the Stevie Awards for customer service. It came as no surprise to Nextiva because this was the result of their emphasis on delivering a great customer experience. They associate the customer experience to the benefits of their cloud computing products.

Here's what Nextiva has learned from the industry it operates in.


Ask anyone about genuine customer service and they will tell you that they want to deal with someone who provides them with a clear solution. There's nothing worse than calling a company and receiving a response, only to call the same company, speak to someone else, and receive an entirely different response.

Particularly when it comes to tech issues, people may very well have different methods of solving a problem. The issue here is that customers can get confused and clarity becomes obscured.

This is also one of the main benefits of cloud computing. A study from Enterprise Management Associates revealed that while many executives understood the benefits of the cloud, they weren't always clear on the various options and services available.

It's a lack of clarity that can paralyze people at all levels whether you are dealing with a business or an ordinary member of the general public.


Cloud computing is publicized as being simple. Nextiva believes that the concept of the cloud is simple. To most, the cloud from a technical point of view is complex. But the way it's packaged puts the responsibility on providers of these services while giving customers a simple interface and a range of simple options.

This is something many customer service departments can learn, as well. It's a fact that so many companies are focused on being so transparent that they provide customers with all the information they need. At times, this is far too much information.

Most of your customers could not care less about the ins and outs of the solution. All they want is a simple step-by-step guide to solving the problem and getting back up and running again.

As you can see, it's all about your ability to deliver something of real value. That's all people care about. And it's why Nextiva always keeps its explanations short and sweet.


Customer support is about so much more than answering a question and sending people on their way. It is about providing continued guidance. This may come in the form of following up with a customer on whether they managed to solve their problems, or just making it clear that you are always there for them.

The benefit of using Nextiva's series of cloud services is that support is available at all times. Customers are briefed on how they can easily access Nextiva support at the click of a button.

As well as making sure that support is comprehensive, they make it easy to access. This is how you can also go about improving your own customer experience. The level of support offered by cloud computing services all over the world is part of the reason why it has become a success.

And Nextiva owes its success to taking advantage of both of these things.

How Customer Support Can Make or Break Your Business

Cloud computing and customer support have a lot in common with each other. They are both essential for making a business run smoothly. Today, companies that are not using cloud computing are missing out on a range of key benefits. They are not as productive as they should be and they are using systems that are slow and clunky.

Customer support is something that you can compete on, in the same way as productivity. Nextiva quickly singled this out and it is why they are winning major awards every single year.

If you want to get the most from your company, you have to invest in new technology. You have to be willing to change to suit the demands of modern customers.