Frank and Oak is a men's clothing portal from Montreal, Canada. Recently, it decided to undergo a complete rebrand. The company decided that it needed to increase its sales. With a new store concept, a new logo, and a new name, this is a company that has been reborn.

So what exactly has Frank + Oak, now known as Frank + Oak, done to bring its brand to the cutting edge of men's fashion?

A New Way to Serve

Customer service is everything in business. A whopping 86% of consumers will even pay more for an upgraded customer experience. Without a great user experience, your chances of retaining your customers are slim to none. Frank And Oak realized that it had to serve its customers better than its competitors because they are the core of their brand.

With the rise of mobile, more and more people prefer to carry out daily tasks while they are on the go. This is why the company has unveiled a new customer service department that operates via app.

Customers can now access their customer service departments via the in-app customer service line. They can have their problems solved without making a call and without waiting for hours for someone to reply to an email. This is a faster way to serve customers and a more convenient way of doing it.

The fact is mobile is taking over the world and Frank + Oak is adapting to this.

When an App Becomes the Future

Dedicated apps are becoming more popular than ever. An increasing number of companies are starting to invest in them. The problem is they are nearly always mere extensions of what's already available. They don't actually offer anything new, and this is expected to change with Frank + Oak releasing their new dedicated app.

They have invested heavily in video content, with immersive video available through US and Canadian app stores. These immersive videos work with both smartphones and tablets.

Within the app, customers have the option to take advantage of guided shopping. These guided shoppers consist of personal stylists direct from the company's styling team, as well as bots. They will help you to shop via the live chat system, so you can get a second opinion directly from the people who know about fashion.

Providing Micro-Personalization

One of the main changes to the retail world is personalization. Users want personalized shopping whenever they visit a store. Companies like Google and Amazon have already invested in this through personalizing the experience based on the user's previous actions.

It's why whenever you perform a search on Google you will get entirely different results to someone else performing the same search. The goal is to provide more accurate results.

And personalized shopping works the same way with Frank + Oak. The company will take into account your previous purchases, location, and your personal profile to provide you with tailored recommendations. And if it gets it wrong it will learn through the actions you carry out. Over time, it will be like the store is reading your mind.

That is the future of retail and Frank + Oak wants to be on the cutting edge of it.

Amazing Fitted Clothing

Frank + Oak is continuing its commitment to providing stylish casual and formal clothing just for them. To sweeten the deal, they are providing a two-hour delivery service for their core apparel and some of their grooming items. This service is set to be trialed in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to begin with.

Members of the 'Elevate' group will be able to gain this service for $3.00, but this fee is waived when ordering two or more items. Non-members can expect to pay $6 to take advantage of the two-hour service.

What Does the Future Hold for Frank And Oak?

Many companies decide to undergo a complete rebrand when their sales are slow. This is where Frank + Oak differs because they have gained an incredible amount of success in recent years. They have not run into troubled waters, but they have decided to innovate anyway.

Co-founder Ethan Song believes that the company has to innovate even during the good times so those good times can be sustained going forward. Through finding out what customers want to see, Song has initiated change, and he hopes that customers like what Frank And Oak have to offer.

Rather than latching onto the trends as they take over, Frank + Oak is helping to lead the way. The changes made here are something that ever business can learn