Whether you're working in a startup or a large corporation, you've heard of digital marketing. It's almost as big of a buzzword as "dig data," and marketers are becoming obsessed with optimizing the Web for potential students. In a previous article, I talked about the basics of digital marketing. In this piece, I want to share with you tools that can help make you a digital marketing pro, or least prepared to become one. Learning the basics of digital marketing will go a long way, no matter your position. As marketing continues to evolve, online marketing has never been more important.

1. Tradecraft

I've covered a fair share of coding boot camps and their importance for any tech founder. With that said, one boot camp that caught my eye that wasn't for a developer was Tradecraft. While the curriculum covers a wide variety of topics for being a founder, the one most interesting to me was the marketing end.

If you're looking to start a venture and want to begin with digital marketing, Tradecraft could be a good option for you. The boot camp is designed to teach you the essentials, and will dive deeper into reading data and iterating on what works.

2. Tribeca Flashpoint College

Tribeca Flashpoint College Online is teaching students how to create and deploy digital media technology. The school's core focus is art and digital marketing, and there are advantages to this approach. The college tailors its curriculum to creative artists and media entrepreneurs. Students can explore marketing areas ranging from animation, design, film, and audio engineering to digital marketing.

The school boasts a high-tech campus filled with experienced, proven professors. In addition, Tribeca keeps ahead of the media industry, encouraging prospective students to engage in programs that prepare them for advanced careers.

The school is unique in its industry focus. All components of the institution are tied directly to an industry source. Many of the professors, for example, are current or former industry professionals. This background benefits the students not just indirectly, from information passed along by professors, but also directly--the school helps its students network with industry professionals.

3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Another option is HubSpot's inbound marketing course. It's completely free, and touches on implementing SEO and creating online campaigns. When you start the course, you'll be walked through a variety of video lectures, followed by a quiz at the end of each lesson. I knocked out a lesson a day, and each one took about 30 to 45 minutes of my time after work. The nice thing about this option is you can go at your own pace, and you can skip around to the topics that most interest you.

At the end of the course, you'll take a test and receive your HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate. More important, at the next company digital marketing lecture, you'll be teaching, not learning.