The way Google ranks websites have changed, and the way consumers look at the rankings has also changed. Obsessing over Google rankings is likely to cause considerable damage to your business.

Not convinced?

Then here are the main reasons why you no longer need to obsess over your precise ranking.

Quality is Natural

Linking is important, but you cannot make a conscious effort to grab lots of quality links. It takes time to build this aspect of your business. You'll discover that most of this tends to happen naturally. Quantity is built through hard work and perseverance, but that no longer matters with Google.

Sites with bad links will still face penalties, and you should obsess over this. On the other hand, if you are spending all your time building links it will not make much of a difference. Google simply disregards low-quality links.

Stop obsessing over links and simply concentrate on content marketing to help those good links come in naturally.

Inconsistent Ranking

The search rankings you receive in one part of the country could be entirely different to the rankings you receive in another. Google utilizes localized search traffic, so they are spending all their time in tailoring the search experience based on location.

You can work on your local SEO, but obsessing over general rankings is a thing of the past simply because it doesn't exist any longer.

The Bottom Line Matters

You could be the number one search result for all your rankings on Google, but it doesn't matter. You could still be losing money. Your business will not be saved by SEO in three months. SEO is only a supplement to a successful business, rather than the heart of it.

The bottom line is the money you have to keep everything afloat. Failing to meet your costs will result in bankruptcy. No amount of SEO will rectify this situation.

It Will Just Happen

In most cases, good rankings happen alone because you happen to be doing good business. Doing good business is about catering to your users. Coincidentally, doing right by your customers is also a major search engine ranking factor.

One example is the need to cater to mobile users. Installing responsive design on your website is an essential part of ranking. Google announced that they would penalize websites that didn't make their websites friendly to mobile users.

Another example is keeping links that don't work. If this happens, Google will see it and declare your site as unfriendly to consumers, thus they will knock your site down the rankings.

As you can see, many of the things that will injure you in the search rankings will injure you even if Google never existed in the first place. You must go out of your way to understand where Google are coming from. They don't want you to think about them. They want you to think about your customers.

People Don't Buy on SEO

Before social media, the Google search rankings were the only way to convince someone that you were trustworthy enough to buy from. In this day and age, social media is everything in the ecommerce market. They may find your site via a search engine, but the chances are they won't buy from it unless you happen to be active on social media.

You have to give someone a reason to buy from you, and Google alone will not accomplish that. It's why things like effective content marketing is absolutely crucial in your pursuit of increasing the number of paying customers.

Find the Right Internet Marketing Company

It may seem that this article has discounted SEO, but that is not the case. SEO has become more complex than ever before, and success depends on your ability to integrate your marketing efforts.According to marketing expert and co-founder of Local Ants, LLC Vedran Tomic "companies should focus on exceeding their customer expectations, building brand awareness using offline and online channels. Organic traffic will increase as a consequence of aggressive branding and good user experience provided that you don't make any catastrophic SEO mistakes"

When you think about hiring a web marketing company--think about your marketing mix, content, user experience and your bottom line before you think about rankings.