Are you dragging your feet and dozing off at your desk? The mattress-makers at Casper are giving people a chance to hit the snooze button midday with the official opening of its new napping center dubbed The Dreamery.

Starting today, sleepy New Yorkers can book an appointment at The Dreamery, which is a brick and mortar constellation of nap pods outfitted with Casper products--pillows, sheets, and of course, mattresses. The facility, with nine-curtained, circular-nooks, is located in New York's Greenwich Village.

It's designed to be an oasis for the stressed, a failsafe for hard workers, and a treat for anyone who happened to pull an all-nighter. Says Neil Parikh, co-founder and Casper COO: "Our aim is to change perceptions and behaviors around sleep, cementing it as a main pillar of wellness."

In that vein, it makes sense that Casper would look to expand more into the realm of sleep. It recently announced a partnership with American Airlines to equip transcontinental First or Business class passengers with in-flight sleep products. It also maintains 20 brick-and-mortar Sleep Shops across North America, where shoppers can peruse Casper's full suite of sleep products and even test them out by booking 20-minute sleep trials in miniature homes. The company also makes dog beds. 

Back at The Dreamery, naps start at $25 for 45 minutes, because as Parikh notes, user testing suggests this is an ideal amount of time for people to get some rest without feeling too groggy when they wake up. 

While this marks the company's first Dreamery, Parikh envisions locations opening at workplaces, airports, and more. 

"We're constantly learning and adapting based on customer feedback," he says. "Everyone today is overworked and underslept. The Dreamery provides the opportunity for people to hit pause and recharge."