For many, the absolute worst part of the day is the commute to and from work.

Adding just 20 minutes to your commute is tantamount to getting a 19 percent pay cut, and the hours spent idling in traffic could actually be affecting your memory and intelligence. That's according to multiple studies, including University of West England's 2017 analysis of 26,000 commuting workers in England over a five-year period.

A new study by Expert Market looked at 74 key commuting hubs internationally and cross-referenced the average commute time, average distance traveled, time spent waiting on a bus or a train, the amount of changes made in a single journey, time spent in traffic and the cost of a monthly travel card relative to salary in order to determine the best and the worst commutes in the world.

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro was ranked the overall worst city for commuting. There, the average worker spends over 90 minutes traveling every day and a monthly travel card is about $55, which sucks up 9.4 percent of the average net monthly salary.

If that isn't enough, Expert Market, an Austin, Texas-based price-comparison tool for business products and services, found that commuters opting for public transit in Rio de Janeiro spend 19 minutes a day on average waiting for a bus or train and then travel 12.3 kilometers (about 7.64 miles) on average to their workplaces.

In the U.S., the worst city for commuters is Miami, which ranked 66 out of Expert Market's 74.

Findings showed commuters in Miami spend an average of 90 minutes traveling about 26 kilometers (16.2 miles) to and from their workplaces daily. Additionally, the cost of a monthly travel card in Miami takes 4.38 percent out of the average monthly salary--more than workers in any other U.S. city.

Trying to catch a bus or train? In Miami, the average wait time is 18 minutes.

The best U.S. city for commuting is Minneapolis, which took the 20th spot overall. There, the average daily commute is 66 minutes and the cost of a monthly travel card takes 2.39 percent of the average monthly salary.

On the other hand, European cities dominated Expert Market's top ten and the study found that some of the best cities for commuting are in France. 

Four French cities took a spot in the top ten, with Nice nabbing the No. 1 spot overall.

Toulouse, Lyon, and Strasbourg came in at fourth, seventh and ninth, respectively. 

Commuters in Nice fork out 1.25 percent of their monthly salary for a travel card (which is less than half of the 3.09 percent the average New Yorker pays), plus the average commute time is 40 minutes, according to Expert Market.