Welcome to the 17th episode of Inc.'s weekly Founders Project With Alexa von Tobel podcast. This new show brings you the stories of the entrepreneurs building the future. Listen to the tales of guts, inspiration, and drive behind the people and companies at the forefront of technology. Each weekly conversation digs into a founder's professional playbook--and starts to uncover what makes them tick as people.

And for the 17th episode:

How to Be Yourself at Work, With Bobbi Brown 

Bobbi Brown began her career as a freelance makeup artist. She didn't set out to build a billion-dollar makeup business, but she quickly accelerated from creating a line of lipsticks to being acquired by Estee Lauder four years later. Bobbi went on to spend nearly two decades building Bobbi Brown into a household name. She shares how she adapted to being a corporate employee post-acquisition, why being able to wear jeans to work matters, and how she interviews for work ethic.

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